Spreaker’s statistics are becoming IAB Tech Lab certified

January 9, 2020 Blog Post Update: We’re thrilled  to announce that our statistics are now officially certified by IAB Technology Lab (IAB), which can be found here: http://j.mp/compliant-companies. Wondering what this means as a podcaster on Spreaker? Read the full details below.

We previously shared that IAB Technology Lab (IAB) – a nonprofit consortium that develops standards within the digital media world – released podcast measurement guidelines to help streamline policies for providers like us and podcasters like you. To ensure our software and products meet industry guidelines, Spreaker is working to be IAB certified!

In the past months, we’ve been fine-tuning programming modifications going into effect during the next days. These changes help make our statistics more thorough, which will give you a more accurate analysis of your audiences.

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Why are verified readings of my audiences important?

IAB’s guidelines for the podcasting world help ensure everyone in the industry – podcasters, hosting platforms, distribution outlets, ad agencies, and advertisers – “speak the same language” when looking at data.

Spreaker’s IAB certification means your podcast statistics will also be certified. IAB is a trusted brand in the advertising industry, so having compliant statistics and real data at your fingertips can lead to a better connection with potential partners and advertisers.

What does that mean for my podcast statistics? 

Adhering to the IAB guidelines helps us deliver clearer insight into the users who listen to your podcast episodes. 

Implementing IAB guidelines has improved the way our statistic system detects fake plays and downloads originated by bots. This is a mandatory requirement to achieve IAB guidelines, and as a result, our systems are now more efficient in recognizing legitimate traffic

IAB guidelines require us to focus on users who have really consumed podcast episodes. The counts you see in your statistics now exclude users who have listened to less than one minute of an episode. This distinction means you’ll have a clearer view of your real audiences

Additionally, our Devices Statistics can now tell you more about how a podcast was consumed. Apart from most common devices as Desktop, Phone or Tablet, we’ll be able to show if a podcast episode was listened on other devices as Television, Game console or Smart watch. Another advantage is that our Sources Statistics now show a cleaner and better organized list of applications and platforms. This means it’ll be easier for you to understand where most of your listeners come from.

The result: You’ll have a stronger understanding of your listeners, and you can promote your podcast and figures within the industry with total transparency.

About IAB Technology Lab

The IAB Technology Lab is a nonprofit consortium that develops foundational technology and standards that enable growth and trust in the digital media ecosystem. Check out the full Tech Lab podcasting guidelines here.

If you have any questions about these updates, please contact us at support@spreaker.com.

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  1. Thanks for the update. As shows like Comedy Parenting Radio are becoming monetized and reaching out to guests and partners, we appreciate the accuracy and transparency you are providing us. Keep up the good work and we will continue to guide users towards Spreaker.
    Jerry Begly

  2. Thank you so much for the upgrade. I am very pleased with the services I receive here and that I am able to grow my podcast. Thank you for all that you do to help me better service my audience.


    Joy Expressed

  3. As a podcaster what I would like to know is what keywords are working for me and which ones aren’t. Which services work better with which keywords. Which keywords do people use more for which services? 🙂

  4. you guys seriously just messed with a ton of my money, and cost me more than i wanna discuss here, im about to take legal action on the grounds you did not notify any of us of these changes nor did we agree to them prior. roll back your update, or you’re about to be shut down by alot of channels whom you just cost an extraordinary amount to.

    this is not remotely something you should ever do to content creators nor their teams, you hurt so many people from this. shame on you.

    1. Hello there, sorry to read that. As we explained in the post, we know this might have an impact to numbers but the goal is giving you certified numbers that can actually make you more money with potential sponsors. If you need any help or assistance and want us to have a look at your figures, just email us at support@spreaker.com, and we’ll be happy to help.

  5. All these people leaving good reviews were either paid to, or have no clue how bad this hurt the podcasting community. its sickening you would cut out so many people from making money and running their businesses and their partners. especially our promoters for our shows, you hurt our advertising, our merchandising market, you crippled more than half of your indy shows by doing this.

    I IMPLORE YOU – reverse these updates and roll this back. regardless of private rules, alot of rights were violated here.

    NEWCOMERS! DO NO JOIN OR USE SPREAKER! they already own a good chunk of you content for being on here, now they wanna regulate how you can promote it, and basically hurt all our ratings and cause us to lose sponsorship’s.

    some of us feed our families on these jobs. you just cause me so much grief and turmoil from this update, you literally cut out so many advertisers as well. WHY? what for, how can you say this medium/platform is open to Indy artists if you TAKE ALL OUR MONEY? how can we even acquire fanbase now without spending thousands????

    if you dont rollback these changes, me and 200+ shows and climbing will leave spreaker. and goto another medium/platform which there are several to choose from.
    not to mention the other mediums take less content rights of our material than you do. so spreaker why on earth would you just screw over all these little independent businesses?

    why lose so much business for no reason? pretty sure regardless of your rules, some people will take legal action and win. cause of what you caused here. you may lose rights to alot of material as well. and have to pay punitive damages, BUT THATS NONE OF MY BUSINESS RIGHT?

    unreal. 2019 may be the last year ever we broadcast on spreaker.

    After EVEN MORE TESTING! we found out NO PLAYS UPDATE! even real ones! this update DOES NOT WORK AT ALL!

    FIX THIS!!!!!!

    1. Hi, as we explained in the blog post, we want our community to have certified and precise numbers so you are able to show them to your partners. IAB is a trusted industry body that is helping the whole of podcasting by defining these standards. All the platforms that want to provide a professional service are – or will – embrace these guidelines in their statistics. We want to be able to provide independent producers by providing high-level figures that are generally something that only big businesses can rely on.

      Also, if I may clarify two points you outlined with your comment:
      – All the comments here are from real users, no fake ones are posted.
      – We don’t own the users’ content. The episodes you upload are yours and you’re free to move and remove them at any time with no control over it from us.

      Finally, if you have any questions about how the change works for you and for your statistics we’re glad to help you at any time. Just email us at support@spreaker.com.

  6. I’m very much on-board for complying with what has become the industry standard. It only makes sense. I am, however, having a problem with consistency since the change has been made. The weekly emails show a very different number than what I see on the stats page. The email will show the recent episode with around 20% higher downloads/plays than what the stats page displays for the same episode. I also subscribe to podtrac.com now (also IAB compliant), and the podtrac numbers align much closer to what the weekly email shows. Why the inconsistency? Which numbers should I be paying attention to? I’ve emailed support twice with no response. Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Hello Greg. The new standard are definitely a major change and after the main one in the statistics dashboard, we kept working in the following days and weeks by adjusting the figures shown in other parts of the platforms, like the emails. It was not quick change but a process that took a few days/weeks to be finished. Now we’re almost done and the weekly emails should be ok 🙂

      If you have any questions or want to point out any issues, please contact us at support@spreaker.com so we can have a further look.


  7. Geolocation is not working for me. I have my friends from Australia listening to one of my podcasts but they haven’t been mentioning in the analytics.
    Also, no mentions of subscribers or episodes liked while I know for sure some if my friends, family and colleagues have subscribed to them. Why?

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