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Start Podcasting For Your Business




Have you ever thought about podcasting as a tool for your business?

Podcasts can help your business grow, and attract brand fanatics. Every minute that a customer listens to us speak with authority we’re establishing ourselves as a thought-leader. Conceptually, the more time our audience spends with our content, the more authority we have as content marketers.

According to the data we published last month, the average time spent listening on Spreaker is about 23 minutes, meaning that your audience will spend on average more time listening to a podcast than readers do reading a blog post.

If you think about this, you’ll find the use of podcasting as a marketing tool for your business profitable. People don’t always get your email, or they don’t come back and visit your website or read your newsletter. People actually have to make an effort to read your content. If you have a podcast, they can stream the audio and let it play while they’re doing other tasks at their computer.

Here are 5 reasons to start podcasting for your business:

  1. Increase your marketing reach and online visibility.
  2. Improve your sales & conversion rates.
  3. Value added content increases loyalty.
  4. Industry news and trends sets you apart from the competition.
  5. Interviews with leaders in your particular niche will establish your business as a respected leader in your niche or industry.

So don’t wait any longer; start podcasting today and leverage this audio technology for your business.

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