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Personalised podcasting is what we’re about and we’re always looking for new ways to give you podcast fans the most intuitive user experience possible. That’s why we’re pleased to say that one of the most requested features has finally arrived; the ability to see which episodes you’ve already listened to and how many minutes you have left on specific episodes.
For all you podcast bingers out there, this will be the answer to your podcasting prayers! Our interface updates make it clear to see exactly where you were in a podcast series and means you have one less thing to remember, this way you’ll always be on track with your listening schedule.

So, what does the new set-up look like? Well, whether you’re an Android user or on iOS, the visuals are extremely similar but just so you know what to expect we’ve created some visuals and a more in-depth explanation.

Stay on Top of Your Episodes

If you’re someone who starts listening to an episode and five minutes in realises you’ve already listened to it, this won’t be happening anymore! From now on a handy yellow tick will sit alongside an episode title when you’ve already listened to it and if you click on the episode you will be able to see the exact date you tuned in.

Always Finish What You Start

However, if you are famous for never finishing something you start – don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve added in a line which tells you how many minutes you have left to listen to and instead of being completely yellow, a percentage of the circle will be filled which is in-line with how much you have left to listen to.

Spreaker Podcast Radio gives you all the features to have complete control of your podcast listening experience to be easy, intuitive, and totally personalized by you. Features such as the ability to switch episode order, playback speed and even set a sleep timer to automatically switch your podcast off if you’re known for drifting off ten minutes into an episode!

Reverse the order from front to back

Spreaker Podcast Radio allows you to switch the episode order of any podcast from oldest to newest so that you can more accurately follow the narrative thread. You can listen to true crime podcast and audiobooks as they were meant to be experienced, from episode one, even if they’re already six episodes into the program. Reversing the episode order can be useful when listening to regular talk podcasts, too–follow your favorite host’s creative trajectory (and finally get all those inside jokes). You can reverse the episode order of any podcast from its Info section.

Think fast, or slow

Sometimes, however you’re totally crunched for time in a whirlwind rush. Other times, you’ve hit the jackpot with the niche-est of niche podcasts about your favorite subject, but the host is just…so…slow… And other times still, you’re listening to a special guest on your favorite podcast who just can’t seem to take a step back, or take a breath, for that matter.

In all these cases, manipulating the playback speed settings is the best option you’ve got.
You can set the playback speed by going to the episode view, and under the seek bar tap on OPTIONS (that’s on iOS, anyway, on Android you can tap on the settings icon at the top right). Tap and drag the yellow dot to get to your preferred speed.

Sleep it off

Lastly, there’s the sleep timer, a great feature if you like falling asleep to podcasts before bed or tend to nod off during the long commute home. The timer will turn off the episode you’re listening to automatically after the specified amount of time you set it to (that way you don’t drain your battery unnecessarily). So, if you already have a feeling you’ll fall asleep in about five minutes, tap on “+5min.” To set it to fifteen minutes, you can tap on “+15min” or tap on “+5min” three times.

With Spreaker Podcast Radio, you have all the features you need to take listening matters into your own hands. Take a charge now: Download Spreaker Podcast Radio for iOS and Android now!


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      thanks for your feedback! It is already possible to download episodes and listen to them offline. Here the instructions on how to do it if you have iOS or Android.


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