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Students, Start Podcasting: Submit Your Idea to this New Competition

Have an idea? Have an idea that’s great enough to turn into a podcast? Students in Scotland now have the opportunity to win The Scottish Podcast Scholarship, newly established by The Podcast Host.

“We’re committed to helping people find their voice, and their audience, through podcasting. We’re looking to find someone with a brilliant idea for an audio series, and help them to plan and launch it.”

All university and college students across Scotland are eligible, with no previous podcasting experience necessary – it’s all about what you’ll bring to the table and the great idea you want to pitch. Submissions are open over at until Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

Why a Competition?

When it comes to podcasting, there are no real gatekeepers and no need for fancy or expensive recording equipment. Plenty of free tools, services, and information are available out there to get you launched and publishing episodes.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t the occasional roadblocks:

  • Money: Podcasting doesn’t need to cost a lot of money, but like anything else, it doesn’t hurt to have to invest in extra gear and professional services.
  • Time: Taking a DIY approach to researching and learning the craft on your own can take a bit of time. Things take even longer when you’re sifting through what is and isn’t good or credible advice.
  • Equipment & software: What exactly do you need, and how does it all work? There are so many choices out there that it can seem overwhelming at first.

But it’s these very bumps that the scholarship has taken into account.


What Will the Scholarship Include?

The Scottish Podcast Scholarship is offering students:

  • £400 in cash
  • A year’s worth of free media hosting with Spreaker
  • A professional level podcasting kit
  • Full access to our online courses
  • Mentorship and support towards planning and launching your series

What Kind of Ideas Are They Looking For?

When it comes to reviewing the pitches, it’s 100% about the content proposed. The Podcast Host team is looking for powerful messages and captivating stories – experience in recording or editing is not at all expected, as the “how” can come later. For now, it’s all about ideas. 

“We want to help someone turn their idea into a top podcast series, and build an audience around that podcast.”


With podcasts, it’s often said that “you never know who’s listening.” If you work hard on your podcast and remain consistent over a period of time, exciting opportunities could present themselves further down the line, like the chance to publish book, land a speaking gig, or interview for a full-time job. 

But that all has to start with an idea, and that’s the very first step of The Scottish Podcast Scholarship.

Head over to for full details on how to pitch, as well as more guidance, support, and advice on what we’re looking for.

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