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Hello Monday: Android App News, RSS feed Customization, and Berlin Music Week!

blogHiya community!

We’re ready to kick off another great week together! Last week we spent a few wonderful days all together, and now we’re back in our respective headquarters with lots of new projects and ideas!

Here’s what we’ve got in store for you:

Android App: We know that you Android users have been a tad unsatisfied, and now we have a big project in store for you! In a few weeks we’ll be sharing some big news…just give us a few more days and you’ll get all the details!

RSS Feed Customization: We’re ready to release some changes in the way RSS feeds are managed. Soon you’ll be able to modify your metadata and enable auto-sharing features while you’re importing your RSS. Now, won’t that be something?

Berlin Music Week: Taking place in Berlin from the 3rd of September until the 9th, we’re thrilled to be attending this big event all about the tech developments and general geekery coming out in the music and start up scene.

And that’s all for now…let’s start this week!

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Monday News!

Spreaker headquarters is buzzing with new ideas, and we want to give you a sneak peek of what we’ve been plotting and planning!

Here are some glimpses on what we’ve had going on this week:

Something’s a brewin’ in Berlin! Yes, that’s right, we’re pulling things together for a podcasters meetup, right in Spreaker’s hometown. Keep your eyes peeled this week for information on when and where to go.

In tech and development, we’ve got improvements heading your way, back to back:

Miss the sneak peeks of our mobile stats? Pro users will soon be able to see new, beautiful animation on both the Android and iOS apps showcasing their likes, follows, and listener sources.

SONOS is a wireless home speaker system that allows you to play your favorite audio in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom – the choice is yours, and soon you’ll be able to integrate it with Spreaker. Stay tuned!

We’re working on improving Tube, our Pro feature that connects Spreaker with any external mixer of your choice. We’ll be smoothing things out for easier and more stable integration.

Want to contribute your ideas? Comment below with what you’d like to see soon on Spreaker!

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Mobile App News

Take a break! Pause your recordings on the iPhone and Android apps!


Picture it. You’re broadcasting from your app, as usual:

You’re breezily going through your usual political commentary, and suddenly you reach a tangled idea, a real tongue-twister.


You’re making the rounds at the local music festival, interviewing spectators as you go along, and want to keep all your interviews in one single broadcast.

What to do, what to do?

Spreaker’s new mobile app feature allows you to pause while recording offline. Take a break, and continue whenever you’re ready!

You can opt to pause from both the Android and iPhone apps. Digging the new feature? Tell us all about it!

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New Android Release!

Broadcast no matter what kind of Android phone you’re using!

Those of you having trouble broadcasting from older Android phones will be happy to hear that we’ve made a few small, but oh-so-important changes to our app. Now, even if you have a less powerful CPU device, you’ll still be able to broadcast your heart out where to purchase commercial jumping castle.

Try it out now, and let us know what you think! You can download the latest update here.


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Hey Android Users, Help Us Out!

We’re getting ready to launch a totally new and improved Android app! It’s been a long time coming, we know, but you’ll be enjoying Spreaker on your Android device sooner than you think.

Before we do that, though, we need your help. Over the next two days, we’ll be counting on a few beta testers to check out the app before it’s officially released and give us some constructive feedback. Interested? Send us an  email at info@spreaker.com and we’ll get you started.

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Contests News

Android developers, we need your help!

Dear Android supporters, your moment has arrived – put your Android knowledge into play and show-off your Spreaker love! We know our Android app has a couple of glitches, and so now we come to you for help. Give us a hand in developing the features you want!

So, what do you need to do? Simple! Android aficionados, buffs, and whoever else has the craving to develop can access developers.spreaker.com, and by using Spreaker’s API you can create the features that you want: a player, recorder, mixer, etc.

Once created, they’ll be made available to the Community, and the one with the most votes will be elected as our official app.

So, who’s up for trying out our API?

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