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Podcasting Tips

3 Reasons Why You Should Start A Podcast If You’re A Marketer

So, you’re thinking about starting a company podcast but you haven’t got round to doing it yet, we give you three reasons why this form of audio content might be just what your business’s content strategy needs.

In this digital age, podcasts make marketing sense, less people are reading and more people own mobile devices, meaning you need to adapt your content strategy to cater to these changes and when done right, this easily shareable content will allow your business’s message to reach far and wide.

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Podcasting Tips

How to Create a Podcast – Tip#1

Podcasting Spreaker

We’re happy to introduce our new friends and latest partnership, the Podcasting by Professional team!

Did you know that people just like you are changing the world? Podcasting will get your message out as well as grow your network like no other medium.

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Discovering the Community: Mike Russell

Mike Russell is our own expert audio guru on Spreaker. From audio production to internet business and marketing, he offers great tips and information via his excellently produced shows Audio Marketing Tips and Jingles Made Easy.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

I’m Mike Russell the Creative Director at Music Radio Creative. I started my career in radio learning how to produce audio and present radio shows. Now my wife and I run our own company that helps podcasters, radio hosts, DJs and businesses to sound great using the power of audio.

Yours shows, of course, sound great. How did you get into audio content and podcasting?

I have a passion for making creative audio and have always been interested in online business. It was listening to other podcasters that really got me hooked on the idea that I could use my radio experience to begin podcasting. I started the Music Radio Creative podcast in the summer of 2012 and have seen great results. I also found the fact that you are your own boss appealing. There is no radio station director or broadcasting authority telling you what you can and can’t say!

When and why did Audio Marketing Tips and Jingles Made Easy start?

I started creating these new podcasts at the beginning of February 2013 as a way to distill my thoughts and ideas into short form podcasts. I read about audio marketing ideas and jingles on a daily basis and wanted to easily share the content that excites me with an audience. It always thrills me to put something out there and see how listeners will react to it.

They’re super well done. What recording tips do you usually give to new broadcasters?

Start your own radio show or podcast online as soon as possible and don’t think about it too much. If you can’t think of anything to say, find a topic that excites you and make a list of 10 talking topics before you start. The audio quality doesn’t have to be perfect when you first start just get something out there! Spreaker is such a great platform to experiment with multiple different show themes and ideas as it allows you to host an unlimited number of different shows.

Great advice, and thanks for the mention! What does podcasting mean to you?

Podcasting has changed my life. I mean it. I wouldn’t be living on a beautiful English island doing the work I love surrounded by my family all the time if it wasn’t for me listening to podcasts. Everyone has a different way of learning. Some like to read, others consume video, but I am certainly an auditory learner. I found myself listening to and learning fast from different podcasters with a wealth of experience. These podcasts really helped me to move my own business and lifestyle forward. I enjoy podcasting myself because of the close connection I can form with my listener.

What brought you to Spreaker?

I love trying out different platforms to publish my audio and I was attracted to the clean and easy look of Spreaker. Publishing a podcast and submitting it to iTunes is easy (no technical knowledge required) and I can include all my show notes on my Spreaker profile so it cuts out tasks like installing a website, setting up an RSS feed, finding an audio host, etc. I also really like the social aspect of Spreaker in that users can follow me, comment on my episodes and even share my content on other social networks.

Has this station helped you personally or professionally?

Yes, at the time of writing I’m less than two weeks in, I already have over 1,000 plays on the Spreaker platform alone. It can only be good for my business to have that many people hear about me in such a short space of time.

Glad to hear that! Anything else you’d like to share?

Seeing as it’s so easy to start a new show on Spreaker I’d certainly consider adding to my show portfolio. At present I’d like to work on and develop my current shows. I’d like to add more audio clips and examples to Jingles Made Easy and invite some guests to come on to my Audio Marketing Tips show to share knowledge.

We’re looking forward to the new shows and developments you’ll come up with! Thanks Mike!

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