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Discovering the Community: The Audio Product Podcast


For any and all of your questions on audo production and products, Sandy Weaver Carman has answers for you on The Audio Product Podcast. She guides you in bringing your stories and business to the airwaves, leading you to a revenue river.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

I’m Sandy Weaver Carman, owner and CEO of Voicework On Demand, Inc., an audio production company that partners with writers, speakers, trainers and coaches, taking work they’ve already done and turning it into a revenue river.

How did you get into audio production and products?

As a 30+ year major market radio personality, I discovered a talent for working with audio, whether it be with magnetic tape or with digital files. Editing audio is like working a puzzle, and I loooooove puzzles!

How did you start podcasting? Had you already been doing it before coming to Spreaker?

I help my clients produce podcasts and finally decided that I needed to have a podcasting presence, too. Spreaker is the first podcasting site I’ve used – I did some homework and really liked the interface, tools and ease of social sharing.

Glad you like it! How can audio amplify what a product or person can offer?

Many people can generate a sizable revenue stream (or what I call a revenue river) by taking work they’ve already done and turning it into audio products. I work mainly with speakers, trainers, coaches and authors, as these creative types often have recordings and/or written items and are looking for passive revenue to help even out the ups and downs of income. Anyone who has written a blog for at least a year probably has a book/audio book combination, and I assist those people in getting their work out in more formats for more income.

Any favorite stories from your experience you’d like to share? Perhaps someone who successfully took your advice and saw their skills improve?

A client who is a musician came up with a fabulous idea: he didn’t have a new album to release this year, but wanted to offer his fans something, so is telling stories about each of about a dozen of his compositions and we’re turning that into podcasts. It’s a great way to give his listeners something to tide them over until the next album, and he’s getting amazing comments and reaction to the podcasts. His album sales are up, too, as a result – people hear the story behind a piece and are buying albums they may not already have had.

That’s an excellent idea! Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

I haven’t yet, but plan to in 2013. Just barely dipping my toes in the podcasting world this year, and next year, will amp it up a lot.

We’re looking forward to it! Has this podcast helped you personally or professionally?

I’ve gotten some nice comments about the podcasts, plus a few new clients that I can attribute to my Spreaker presence.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Looking forward to using Spreaker even more (and better!) in the New Year.

So are we, thanks so much Sandy!

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Discovering the Community: GamerTag News


GamerTag News has all the latest updates and developments in the gaming and entertainment world covered! Giving us an exclusive look at the workings behind the microphone, Michael Patrick spoke to us on what makes the show tick.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

My name is Michael Patrick and I am President and Founder of GamerTag News. Some might know me as the host of TIMEOUT! and of the game, gadget, and movie reviews.

Hello! Your show is called GamterTag News, though you do talk about lots of other topics other than video games. How would you describe your show?

I would describe GamerTag as an entertainment, news, and review podcast. We currently review video games, technology, and movies. We are hoping future projects will be in the works.

How did you start podcasting? Had you already been doing it before coming to Spreaker?

The podcast came to be when co-founder Cory and I had a conversation while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on PlayStation 3. We talked about Playstation Radio and started joking around, then one day we happened to find Spreaker. It started out as Playstation Radio, then branched out and did our own thing as GamerTag News.

Awesome! How do you prepare each show?

When it comes to our micro show TIMEOUT!, our team starts by surfing the internet, and contacting game developers to get the latest news in the industry.

Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

We use the built in chat to chat live, although sometimes it’s hard because we are in the zone when the record button is on. We are in the process of creating a Skype account for GamerTag and currently answer a lot of question via e-mail at GamerTagNews@yahoo.com. Also, we have Twitter and Facebook accounts.

What video games, movies, or music are you looking forward to coming out?

Currently we are excited for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, Far Cry 3, and PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal. As far as music goes we are excited for new albums from artists such as, Pitbull, Greenday, Wiz Khalifa, and Bruno Mars. We are also currently supporting XFactor group Emblem3. As movie fans we are excited about Daniel Craig starring in another James Bond Film (Skyfall), the Disney animated film Wreck-It Ralph, Red Dawn, and 2013 films Gangster Squad and Man of Steel.

We’re keeping our eyes open for all of that, too! What do you do to reach listeners? Do you rely on social media, or do you use other channels of communication?

We do use social media like Twitter and Facebook, but we also like to advertise our show while playing in multiplayer modes, like Call of Duty.

Has this podcast helped you personally or professionally?

GamerTag has helped both personally, to help me grow as a person, and professionally realizing that starting a project from scratch takes a lot of motivation.

Anything else you’d like to share? 

I would like to say that we are really excited for the award show this year! For the first time we will be letting the audience vote! We encourage listeners to listen to our show for more information on the date. We also want to encourage everyone to check out our website at gamertagnews.weebly.com and to check out our YouTube Page at GamerTagNews.

Thanks again!

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Discovering the Community: Doug Pagitt Radio


Doug Pagitt Radio brings a fresh voice to Spreaker, as well as a middle ground in discussions on politics and faith. Read on as Doug explains how he approaches and introduces different points of views on controversial topics.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

My name is Doug Pagitt. I host a show with the tagline “Religious Radio That’s Not Quite Right”.

This is not a typical religious show – we are fun, fast paced and not mean.

And, it is not politically right. The Show has an IndeDemoCan spirit recognizing that all political perspectives have a point, and those who identify with a political parties do so for reasons that make sense to them. We want to hear from all perspectives.

The program carries a hopeful, optimistic, contrarian attitude. We like seeing the other side of an issue, asking questions and pursuing truth beyond catch-phrases and prefabbed answers.

We invite news-makers, thought provokers, and interesting people of all kinds as guests on the show for long-format interview.

I’m a pastor in Minneapolis at a church with the same attitude as the show called Solomon’s Porch.

Great, wonderful to meet you! When and how did you decide that you wanted to become a part of the politics/faith discourse?

As a pastor, author and public speaker I have long been engaged is public issues of faith, but in 2004 it became clear to me that we needed not only new outcomes in our politics, but new ways to think about issues. I was struck by how often good hearted people found themselves in complete frustration because they could not possibly understand why others thought the way they did.

All of these struggles only intensified when religion was put into the mix.

I conjectured that the issue was, in part, due to the fact that people really did not understand the other person’s argument.

When someone seems ill-informed or a fool, then there is no reason to listen to the person.

So, I sought to find ways for people to actually listen to each other to the point that they could articulate the persons argument as well as they could.

I decided I wanted to try and model that.

Quite the admirable endeavor. How did you start podcasting? Had you already been doing it before coming to Spreaker?

I started my show in 2008.

I was on BlogTalkRadio for a year, then moved to a progressive commercial radio station in Minneapolis, AM950, for 2 years. Then I found Spreaker.

And we’re happy to have you. How do you prepare each show?

I try to have a guest scheduled for each week. I work on the show in my mind during the week and then put the final flow together on the morning of the show. The show runs 1:30, and I structure it in 15 minutes segments in my mind. So, there are 6 segments. I try to pace the segments with chit-chat, content, fun bits and something particularly poignant for the day. I have a regular cast of guests and co-hosts that I call the Side-kicks.

Have you ever thought twice before broadcasting something?

I worry quite regularly about what I say and what I air. Not that I am trying to hide something, but because humor can turn dark very easily and can create an unappealing setting for open discussion. But, without humor open discussion can be so boring no one will listen.

What do you do to reach listeners? Do you rely on social media, or do you use other channels of communication?

I use my website, Facebook Page and personal Profile, and Twitter.

Has this podcast helped you personally or professionally?

I find it to be one of my favorite parts of my week, so it means a lot to me personally. It is work, but more like a personal hobby. And, yes it is a crucial integrated part of my business life as a pastor, an author and speaker.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Thanks for providing such a great tool as Spreaker. One part of work is doing social media training for non-profit leaders, churches and businesses and I encourage them all to start a show on Spreaker.

Thanks so much for the great interview Doug, and keep up with the great show!


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Discovering the Community: The Medical Conspiracy


The Medical Conspiracy is Dr. Antonella Carpenter’s way of seeking out the truth in a world where she only finds corruption. She spoke to us about how the show was born, and why she continues to fight against the medical industry:

Do you mind introducing yourself?

My name is Antonella Carpenter; I was born and raised in Northen Italy and became a naturalized US citizen many years ago. I am a Theoretical Physicist, but I am specialized in LASERs Systems, particularly semiconductor LASERs.

Nice to meet you! How did you start podcasting? Had you already been doing it before coming to Spreaker?

Yes, I started podcasting almost four years ago because my struggle to help cancer patients was being sabotaged by the AMA, and I wanted to inform the public.

How did you find Spreaker?

Searching online for alternatives, after Liberty News Radio went out of business.

How did The Medical Conspiracy start? What events caused you to lose your faith in the medical industry?

After a silly challenge from potential investors, not really interested in our LASER weapon design, I reluctantly and accidentally became involved in a new method for treating cancer; but the more successful the method resulted to be, the greater became the opposition from the medical establishment.

So much that I finally realized that the AMA is actually an industry where revenue rules, not the welfare of the public.

Has your program been able to bring any change?

Not yet. As soon as the amazing results, without reoccurrences, started to become obvious, the establishment did go into serious attack tactics, but I am still fighting.

Do you consider yourself a professional podcaster?

No. I am simply a scientist, trying to reach the public and inform everybody about the truth in health care.

Anything else you’d like to share? 

I am hoping to reach success with my efforts and I certainly intend to keep the public informed of all the developments, even the unhappy ones because it is necessary to speak up, especially when the establishment is trying to silence me. I will bring in guests as I find people willing to bring forth to the public all the present abuses of our freedom.

Thanks so much for keeping us informed Antonella!

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Discovering the Community: The Irish-Psychic Show


We spoke to Spreaker’s resident Irish psychic, Gearóid, as he gushes about his love for broadcasting and connecting with people. Read on to find out how he approaches his readings and how he reaches his audience.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

My name is Gearóid and I am a Professional Irish Psychic Medium.

Nice to meet you! How did you start podcasting? Had you already been doing it before coming to Spreaker?

I had never done any podcasting before, but it is something I have always wanted to do. I had done my research on podcasting websites and came across yours, and right at that moment I signed up just for the Free Option. I knew I was in good hands as your customer service is second to none, and I really love what you do in terms of looking after the client if they have any problems.

Thanks! How did you find Spreaker?

Via Google.

How did you get into psychic readings? When did you discover your abilities?

I have always been interested in psychic readings mainly due to the fact that I was dreaming things, and my dreams were becoming reality. Being brought up Catholic, it is not something we do, but when I saw what my gift does for not only myself but for other people in helping them, I knew I had to follow my Gift. I would recommend anyone with any Gift to follow theirs.

How do you approach each reading?

I clear my mind and focus on the person I am reading. Even if they don’t ask a question, I am always guided by something that may be going on in their life or usually through my cards. Also the Spirit communicates with me, which is just like a soft whisper in my ear, or a thought, or I may see something for a split second – like if having a daydream.

Any favorite stories from your experience you’d like to share?

After having given a private reading for a lady online, she contacted me after and said that what I had said did not mean anything to her. I gave her a refund immediately as I want everyone to be happy with their reading. Yet, after refunding her the money, I just had this vision of her daughter sleeping with a white rabbit teddy bear – I had to pass this on to her. She was amazed as it was her aunt who had passed away, and had once given her daughter this rabbit to sleep with and she cuddled it each night. It was just lovely for the Spirit to pass on something so significant to me in order to let the person I read for online know that my gift is real, and that previously was just not the right time for her to receive a reading and hence it had not meant anything to her.

Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

I use Skype all the time using an external Mini Usb Mixer with my iPhone with Skype broadcasting through my iPhone.

I also use the chatroom in Spreaker which is just fantastic as it gets immediate feedback in relation to what I do while on air. I also answer questions from people sent in through the Chat Function.

Fantastic! What do you do to reach listeners? Do you rely on social media, or do you use other channels of communication?

I use Facebook and Twitter.

Has this podcast helped you professionally?

Absolutely no question at all! It’s reached so many new people, and with the added integration of iTunes, Spreaker is the way to go. Also, have I mentioned your Spreaker App on my phone? I am not always available to do a show, so I take out my phone to record the update and it’s live within a matter of seconds. It updates everyone and lets them know my show will not be on that night – seriously Spreaker is just fantastic.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Since upgrading to a premium plan via Spreaker, I would recommend it to anyone. It is cost effective. Never did I imagine to have a professional radio show that is streamed live all around the world, and it really has given me something to look forward to each week. Also, I always love having special guests on, so if you would be interested in joining me on one of my shows to promote yourself in what you do, even if you are another reader, please get in contact with me – all you need is Skype and leave the rest to me. Whether you are an Angel Card Reader or Tarot Card Reader simply get in contact with me please.

Thanks so much! Keep up the great work!


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Discovering the Community: Neigh-Bours Talk Radio


neighNeigh-Bours Talk Radio  helps bring together people passionate about any and all equine activity in South Africa. It is not only a successful podcast, but an impressive and extensive social network encompassing a site, events, forums, and more! We spoke to charismatic host DJ Neigh to find out just how Neigh-Bours finally came to be and just how it is organized:

Do you mind introducing yourself?

Yes. Haha no really – I am DJ Neigh, a riding coach, equine enthusiast and co-owner of the Neigh-Bours South African Social Network. I’ve been an avid horse-rider for 20 years and have 2 horses of my own.

How did Neigh-Bours start? It’s quite the network, as it encompasses so much!

I originally had my business partner (Super M) design me a website for a small stableyard I was running. Super M, being the genius web designer she is made me an unbelievable website. On closing the yard I didn’t want to stop the site, so we decided to start a social experiment and allow our friends to use the site to interact about their horses. Little did we know that the site would be as popular as it is! We have now been running for 3 years, have over 6,000 site members, 11,000 Facebook fans – and the site continues to improve its features every month ! I think it’s so successful because Super M and myself have an excellent working relationship, we’re not scared of each other’s crazy ideas, and we tend to always be on the same page!

Truly amazing! Had you already been podcasting before coming to Spreaker?

I had never podcast OR been on radio in my life. It has always been one of my dreams though, so shortly after being interviewed on a US radio station (we won an international award in March this year: The Equestrian Social Media Award for Best Use of Social Media in Central and Southern Africa), Super M and I decided we could rock it!

Congratulations! How did you find Spreaker?

Spreaker was one of the first sites offered to us when we did a search for our requirements! The testimonials speak for themselves, and we love the service!

Thanks, and we love your work! How and when did you personally become an equine enthusiast?

Before I could walk. LOL

What are your favorite riding tips?

Think like a horse, ride with your mind.

Always start on the ground

If it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong!

Any favorite podcasting or riding adventures you’d like to share?

Wow, so many! I think we’ve had some great podcasts, but a personal favourite of mine was our very first guest Barry Armitage from The Ride dropping his jeans in the studio to show me his underwear. I was VERY embarrassed, considering it was a live show, and I was speechless….which doesn’t happen often!

Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

We don’t, as the Neigh-Bours website has its own online chatroom.

What do you do to reach listeners? Do you rely on social media, or do you use other channels of communication?

Luckily, as Neigh-Bours IS a social network, we obviously rely heavily on our site to reach our listeners. We also market daily through our personal Facebook pages, as well as the Neigh-Bours FB page AND DJ Neigh FB page. We also have Twitter accounts. All our shows are made into events so people can RSVP. Super M is a marketing whizz, and she makes ABSOLUTELY sure that people see something about our shows nearly everyday!

We also ustilise BBM messages!

Where do you hope this podcast will bring you personally or professionally?

I would LOVE to end up in commercial radio eventually, but I really believe that Neigh-Bours Talk Radio is going to take over the web-waves (lol), and we’re already considering making the show longer and more frequent.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We have already lined up so many fantastic guest speakers for the upcoming few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page to see who and when!

Thanks so much DJ Neigh! Excellent interview!

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Discovering the Community: The Angel Clark Show


angelThe Angel Clark Show, hosted by the passionate and energetic Angel, is your source for the latest news and perspectives on economics and civil liberties. Angel was kind enough to speak to us about her show’s direction towards news and politics, her roots in radio, and her fearlessness in broadcasting. Read up, you’ll be inspired!

Do you mind introducing yourself?

I’m Angel Clark! I’m a gamer and sci-fi dork who spends her days talking and writing about politics! I live at the beach in Delaware.

Pleased to meet you! How did you get into politics?

I started blogging about how frustrating the local politics in my small town were, my blog started getting hits, and one thing led to another.

Do you see yourself as a political commenter, or more of a news source?

I am a political commentator and a news source! I speak about the news, normally within hours of it happening, but I am biased during my radio show. A news source should be objective, and I have a very important objective! I want people to see the world the way I do, so I’m timely, but not objective.

I also write for the Examiner. As a writer, I am objective and timely, so much more of a news source. It’s so difficult to keep my own opinion quelled while I write because I have to keep my style out of it! On the bright side, my writing helps send people to my show, and my show helps send people to my writing!

Had you already been podcasting before coming to Spreaker?

I was working as a talk radio host and had my schedule changed. I decided that I was going to start a podcast during the same time that my show had been on previously. So I started looking around for a podcast program I could use that had the best audio.

How did you find Spreaker?

I was desperate to find a podcasting avenue that had good audio and was affordable. I listened to other programs *cough* BlogTalkRadio *cough* and it sounded like you were listening to a badly connected phone call. I spent hours researching the best audio podcasting programs, and ended up with Spreaker! Spreaker was actually relatively new when I joined, but with the affordable price and great audio (as well as the user-friendly dashboard), I figured it wasn’t going anywhere but up, so it was a reliable podcasting company.

Thanks! What do you like most about using Spreaker?

Nothing can compare to Spreaker’s audio quality! I can’t stand to listen to static-filled radio, and with smart phones being everywhere, people are choosing their own radio, instead of scanning the dial. My podcast audio sounds as good as my radio feed, which is important to me!

And it’s important to us, too. Do you worry about sparking arguments before bringing any controversial subject to the airwaves?

If I don’t p*ss off at least five people a day, I’m doing something wrong!

Great answer. Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your listeners?

Actually, I have a chat room built into my own website, RadioFreedom.us, that gathers listeners from the 42 different streams to the Angel Clark Show. I do, however, keep an eye on Spreaker’s chat room and talk to the people in there, but I don’t do shout-outs (I get way too many requests for them, I’d never get to the show!).

Where do you hope your podcast will take you (personally or professionally)?

Right now, my podcast is my job! I started out and using Spreaker’s dashboard was able to sell advertisements for my show. It was also pretty easy to add them into the audio. So now, I write for Examiner.com and do The Angel Clark Show, Monday – Friday from 5-7 pm EST. I’d like to reach more listeners, but that will come with time I think! I have found that consistency is key!

Thanks Angel, that was great! 

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Discovering the Community: Emilcar Daily


emilcarEmilio gives us the goods on Apple and all its products on Emilcar Daily. He spoke with us about why he gushes for his Mac, how he plans his show, and mentions his favorite Spreaker podcasts. Take a look!

Do you mind introducing yourself?

My name is Emilio Cano, also known as Emilcar. I am a blogger and podcaster focused in Apple.

Nice to meet you. How did you find Spreaker?

I found Spreaker through the Spanish Podcasting Association, who sent an email to all its members telling us about pro memberships to Spreaker, which I immediately subscribed to. 😉

What do you like most about using Spreaker?

It’s fast. I can record a 5 minute podcast and get it published in less than 20 seconds, and the episode is published also on Twitter and on my Facebook page. I can reach thousands of people every morning with a less-than-6-minute effort. Awesome.

Great! In your daily podcast you talk about your experience with Apple products, how do you choose the episode’s topic?

The topic can be based on what I did the day before with my Apple devices, or maybe an article which I have just read during breakfast, or maybe something asked by a listener.

How did you start your blog?

I started my blog a few days after I bought my first Mac because I felt the need to share with everybody my happiness for using such an awesome computer. Have you ever tried it? Do yourself a favor and get a Mac!

Any Spreaker podcast you would like to recommend?

Of course, have a look to KarlEgas On The Road, Mini Popycast, and Maeltj: In reply to…

Gracias Emilio! Great job!

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Discovering the Community: #TwittamiDiNotte


The guys at #TwittamiDiNotte (Tweet me at Night) have got a revolutionary podcast going on at Spreaker, a place where the communities on both Spreaker and Twitter help run the entire broadcast from the discussions to the music played. Take a look at what the guys are passionate about and where they hope the show will take them:

How did TwittamiDiNotte start? When did you get the idea to combine Twitter and podcasting?

We’re two musicians with a passion for music and entertainment, and we wanted to find a  way to give ourselves some exposure and share our passions. The combination of Spreaker and Twitter was a like a lightning bolt, like a lightbulb that turns on and makes you immediately think, “I’ve got a great idea.” The idea came from not wanting to run just any old radio station that broadcasts music, but a real interactive soundboard where listeners aren’t just an end goal but an integral part of the project – we’ve even nominated them TwitAutori (TwitAuthors),  or live authors, who dictate the discussions and plans of any episode through personal tweets.

Had you been podcasting before?

We had attempted another web radio station before TwittamiDiNotte about cinema, and it had had decent success, but nothing like the success of TwittamiDiNotte. We do know that following that first project, we seem to have became a fountain of inspiration for Youtubers and national radio broadcasts who eventually took our idea to make parallel projects.

Impressive, nonetheless! How did you find Spreaker?

Searching through the web we were looking for an application that would allow us to broadcast without any time or listener limits…and discovering Spreaker opened up another road for us. It was a great discovery!

What do you like most about using Spreaker?

We love Spreaker’s simplicity. It’s very intuitive and easy to use, and it allows you to upload music and be ready to broadcast live in a short amount of time.

Happy to hear that. How do you choose the music to play on your shows?

Each episode of our broadcast features a different focus, and it’s very easy for us to match our playlist to the argument at hand. We give a lot of space to independent music as well, and that’s why we promote tracks suggested by our listeners.

Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

Of course! Using Spreaker is really convenient when it comes to interacting with our listeners, and so we obviously take advantage of that aspect. It’s a great way to interact during live shows and keep listeners up to do with our station’s events.

What’s your favorite thing about interacting directly with your listeners?

As we said before, the discussions vary in each episode, and that’s why we don’t focus on any particular argument. We like to have the ability to change topics so that our listeners will always be curious enough to tune in and be ready to interact live.

What do you love about the TwittamiDiNotte community?

We love them, they’re great people! They feel like they’re a part of the project, and are always giving us feedback and ideas. We’ve made friends with a lot of them, and we’ll never stop thanking them – if people in Italy are talking about TwittamiDiNotte, it’s thanks to their dedication. Our listener numbers grow with each episode, and we see that their influence affects us greatly. Soon we’d like to organize an event where we’ll invite all of our listeners and make an actual episode with them.

We love them, too! Where would you like the podcast to take you (personally or professionally)?

When we started out with this radio project we had no specific goal, the idea was simply to pass the time chatting with listeners and sharing our music with them.  Today, thanks to this unexpected success, we realize that maybe our dream is bigger than that, and we’d like the show to evolve into a career. Every day that passes we realize that we love what we do, and that we do it with passion. We can’t deny that if it were to become a paying job  we would be the happiest guys in the world. Working and maintaining ourselves with this hope gives us the energy to bring to life other ideas that at the moment are still to be unveiled.

Thanks so much for the fantastic interview guys! To interact on the show follow the fellows @twittamidinotte.

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Discovering the Community: Plane Talk to Broadcast Live from Ninety Nine International Conference


imcPlane Talk on IMC Radio has become one of Spreaker’s more popular podcasts to date, featuring tons of news and information on aviation and planes with passionate hosts Jon Roberts, Derek Lagasse and Radek Wyrzykowski. It’s already fifty episodes in and boasts over 2,500 followers and over 24,000 listeners!

Now all you faithful fans can look forward to an exciting event coming up, as the hosts will be broadcasting four two-hour shows live from its studio at the 2012 International 99s Conference in Providence, Rhode Island.

Nearly every year for the past 82 years, an International Conference has been held by The Ninety-Nines, an international organization of women pilots begun in 1929 that promotes advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, and mutual support. This year the New England Section will be hosting, where over 300 members and guests will gather from July 11th to July 15th at the Marriott in Providence, Rhode Island. Numerous enrichment sessions will be held, and guest speakers will be presenting like Lieutenant Colonel Graham Buschor, survivor of the “Perfect Storm”.

“These are going to be our best Plane Talk broadcasts to date,” said co-host Jon Roberts, taking the passion behind the Ninety-Nines and bringing “a small slice of it right to our listeners around the world.”

The broadcasts will start on Wednesday, July 11, and continue through Saturday, July 14, from 2 PM to 4 PM (EST). Don’t forget to listen in at IMC Radio, and check out the official IMC Club International web page for more info.


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