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Discovering the Community: The Monday Movie Show


mondayThe guys at The Monday Movie Show have been faithfully broadcasting their reviews and news on what’s playing at a theater near you every single week. Read up on how cinephiles come to be and what drove them to share their passion via the airwaves.

How did your passions for movies begin? Was there a particular movie that sparked the fire?

(Stuart) For me my passion for film began when I was 2 and I watched Poltergeist. It drew me in and I was captivated with what was on screen, so from then on I’ve always been a huge horror fan. (Andrew) My passion began at the age of 5/6 when my dad took me to the cinema for the first time to see ET.

When did you decide it was time to bring this passion to the airwaves?

I’ve always been interested in doing some kind of show, as a few if my friend friends were doing a video game podcast. It wasn’t until last July that I had a chat with Andy, who co-hosts the show with me, about doing a film show and Andy (who was writing reviews for his own blog at the time) was really interested in joining me.

How did you find Spreaker?

I found Spreaker by chance. I was using Google to find out how to do a podcast, and your site was one of the search entries. I clicked on it and found what you did on the site really impressive, and that it was a very simple option to do a podcast.

What do you like most about using Spreaker?

The ease of use of the site and how quickly you can get something up to professional standards done. I also like the fact that you can track how many listeners you have had and how many plays your show gets – plus the RSS feed is really handy as it enabled us to get our show up on iTunes.

What movies could you recommend to a budding cinephile?

(Stuart) Personally my favourite film of all time is Stand By Me, as it’s the only movie that I deem perfect, however if you want a good scare John Carpenter’s The Thing or A Nightmare on Elm Street are also good choices. If you are looking for something to sooth you or relax you then anything from Studio Ghibli is high on my list. (Andy) For me it would have to be Point Break, The Big Lebowski, Dark City and anything that David Fincher and Ridley Scott have done.

Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

We try our best to make sure that we speak to as many people as we can about the show. Listener interaction is at the top of the list of priorities, as we want to know what people think about the films we review or the topics we talk about. It can’t harm the show if we get people telling us what they think.

Do you consider yourselves harsh critics?

We have watched so many films over the course of doing the show, and we try and be fair and honest with what we think. We’ve seen a lot of films, including ones we would never have watched, and we have a much more objective opinions of them.

What are your predictions on this Summer’s blockbusters?

The Summer blockbuster season has become a bit monotonous, however the biggest film that I have high hopes for has to be The Dark Knight Rises, which I know will do really really well. Other films to keep your eye on are the new Spiderman film, Bourne Legacy, Judge Dredd and The Expendables 2. There will be smaller movies that will take our eye more closer to the release of them and we have high hopes that Hollywood is trying to make this Summer a bit more intelligent than just the usual explosive Summer that they always throw at us.

Where would you like the podcast to take you (personally or professionally)?

We would just like to the get the show a bit more of attention and get peoplemore interested in what we are doing. Yes, we would like it to be a huge success, but if we can increase the listening figures higher and higher each week then we’ll be happy bunnies.

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Discovering the Community: The Games Cast


gamescastThe guys from The Games Cast are true video game aficionados, knowing how they’re played and understanding how they’re made. Broadcasting from a cozy atmosphere their tone is conversational, yet is always informative. We spoke to one of the hosts, Phil, about their passion and just how they got into podcasting:

Other than working on The Games Cast, do any of you guys work in the gaming field professionally?

Unfortunately not. All three of us used to many years ago – it was on live television here in the UK on a channel that not a lot of people knew about. Now we just do it because we love it and we all enjoy gaming so much,

That sounds so awesome, though! Is this your first foray into podcasting? What do you like about it?

This is actually our third podcast series. Our first was for an older website. Our second was the first season of The Games Cast where we prerecorded everything and then edited together. Now we’re on our second season of TGC and we decided to use Spreaker and do everything live. We are enjoying ourselves so much more, as using Spreaker is so easy and quick to learn. No more long hours spent stitching together audio feeds!

Glad we could be of service! How did you find Spreaker?

One of our friends started doing the The Monday Movie Show here on Spreaker and we thought, this sounds brilliant and it seems so much better than precording everything, so we decided to do another season of TGC here on Spreaker.

What do you like most about using the site?

Spreaker allows us to do our shows live, and without the hassle of editing afterwards. It’s so easy to set-up and use, and our listeners love the instant feel of the podcast. I also like the fact you can have your own audio library of intro and outro music available at an instant button press. Spreaker just makes podcasting so easy!

Great! Do you use any external tools to make your podcast sound top-notch?

Apart from spending a lot of time making our intro/outro music, fillers, and loop tracks sound their best using Garageband, none actually. However we were so very grateful when Samson UK agreed to sponsor our podcast and gave us all fantastic Samson CO1U mics, as well as some excellent Sienheisser headphones – the microphones make us sound as good as we do.

Impressive sponsor, guys! Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

Oh yes, when we’re live we point our listeners towards our Spreaker page so that they can join in the chat and leave comments, follow us, etc. Having a Spreaker page means our fans can go to the same place every time to listen to all our episodes.

What are your favorite video games?

We’ve all spent a lot of time on Burnout Paradise, but each one of us has very different tastes in games, which I know works better on the podcast. Paul and Duncan are big Formula 1 fans so they’ve been playing F1 2012 a lot,  and Duncan and I like football so we’ve been into FIFA 12 quite a bit. Paul is eagerly awaiting the new Steel Battallion game! At the moment all three of us are addicted to Trials Evolution on the Xbox 360!

Cool. What new and exciting features or games do you see coming up in the gaming world?

All the talk at the moment is about the new consoles coming up and in this period between generations it’s difficult to find new games to be overly excited about. I’d like to see a cross-platform multiplayer game that both Xbox and PS gamers can join in on. In terms of games, well Halo 4 looks epic but the one we’re all waiting for is Bioshock Infinite.

Where would you like the podcast to take you, personally or professionally?

We all do it for fun! Ideally we’d like the podcast to generate some income to cover our server and Spreaker costs (we’re going to upgrade our package soon as we like the idea of the extra stats and doing an hour’s show!). Of course, if someone were to offer us full professional roles working in the gaming media then I doubt we’d turn them down, but at the moment we’re just doing it all for fun!

Great job guys, keep gaming and keep broadcasting!

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Discovering the Community: Hail Hail Media


hailhailDavid Harper talks to us about the beginnings and development of Hail Hail Media, home to various shows devoted to the Celtics Football Club (and one to the NY Mets). Read up on this well-oiled machine of a show that’s full of heart:

How did you guys start podcasting? Had you already been doing it before coming to Spreaker?

I have been involved with a Celtic (Scottish soccer team based in Glasgow) supporters group at LostBhoys.com for a number of years now running the website side of things from Ireland while the guys based in America & Canada hosted their very popular weekly podcast. On the back of that shows success we decided to start another live phone-in show where fans could call in and discuss the teams fortunes with other like minded supporters rather than dealing with an agenda driven mainstream media who we neither trust or admire in any way shape or form. Out of all of this the HomeBhoys phone-in show was born to run alongside the LostBhoys podcast.

From there we joined up with the guys at Beyond the Waves and although at first we were both broadcasting separately on Spreaker we quickly came together to set up the Hail Hail Media channel that has now grown into the most popular resource for Celtic fan produced media on the internet.

How did you find Spreaker?

We had initially started out on Ustream but they priced amateurs such as ourselves out of the game so we scouted around for viable alternatives. We had a number of different suggestions sent to us by listeners and visitors to the LostBhoys website and after looking into the various platforms we felt Spreaker best covered our needs from both a technical and cost effective point of view.

And we’re thrilled to have you! How did you guys all meet each other?

To be honest most of us still haven’t met each other in person given that the 8 shows we have built up over the last few months on our Hail Hail Media channel come from all over the world. We have shows produced from the home based guys so to speak in Scotland, Ireland and England but also shows hosted entirely in the US, Canada and Australia. Most of us would have a good online presence and would be in contact regularly via Twitter. From the initial 3 shows being HomeBhoys, LostBhoys and Beyond the Waves we’ve slowly been adding other Celtic shows that were broadcasting elsewhere to build up our network and give the supporters a one stop channel for all the Celtic content they need on Spreaker.

That’s interesting that although you haven’t met in person, the shows runs so smoothly. What do you like most about using Spreaker?

The simplicity of its use first of all, closely followed by the stability of the platform. Due to the fact 3 of our shows go out live it’s very important for us that the software runs as smoothly as possible. None of us are professional broadcasters and although we have the odd small hiccup they are few and far between and actually we find our listeners enjoy the live ‘bloopers’.

The other feature that we really like is the Spreaker app for iPhone, etc., which some guys find essential for listening to the live broadcasts while stuck in work or out and about. We often get messages from people, especially in Canada and America,to say they are listening to the shows while driving around in their cars. It’s quite surreal to think we’re sitting talking in Ireland/Scotland and someone is driving through downtown Toronto tuned in to us live.

Finally the ease of use for the listeners is very good too, whether they want to tune in live, listen to an archived show or download the MP3 to listen to at their convenience. In this day and age the more hassle free things are for our listeners the better especially as a lot of the fans tuning in might not be overly tech savvy and some are from an older generation that want things as simple as possible.

We’re certainly happy to hear all that. Sport certainly brings people together, do you see that among your own shows?

Yes most definitely. We believe Celtic fans and the Celtic family have embraced social media like no other club in the world, partly due to our mistrust of the mainstream media and also due to our fans being spread out all over the world. Podcasts and live shows where people can Skype in have given fans a voice no matter what far flung part of the planet they are isolated in.

Excellent! Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

Yes we have a very busy chat room when the live shows are on and it’s good to be able to interact with other fans who might want to add their opinions but not might feel confident in calling in to be live on air. Also the chat room has become a real social meeting place for regular listeners to the shows to catch up with one another every week.

Do any of you play sports in any leagues yourselves?

Personally no although I did when I was younger but only at boys level. I think I can speak for most of the Hail Hail Media team when I say our sporting prowess deserted us some years and a few too many beers ago…

Understood. Most of your shows are about football (soccer to you all in the US) and the Celtics, but you also discuss baseball and the NY Mets. When did you decide to go beyond football?

It wasn’t something where we sat down and said where can we go next or anything like that it just sort of happened. A couple of us are big New York Mets fans and would watch a lot of games especially at the weekend, but with the 5 hour time difference between the East Coast and the UK/Ireland it means a midnight game time for us usually. We came up with the idea of the MetsBhoys show to kill time chatting with other fans while we hung around for the late start to the games. Although we’re very enthusiastic we are also novices but thankfully we have two New York natives that have joined us as our resident experts.

Any games or matches that have remained particularly memorable?

There have been so many memorable games it’s hard to narrow them down but I suppose since we have been on the air with Spreaker it would have to be the recent victory against Kilmarnock when Celtic sealed the League Championship. It’s our first title win since 2008 and with the 6 nil victory we clinched it in some style.

So great to talk to you Dave! You guys have an excellent community, and are a great example for other Spreaker users.

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