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3 Green Podcasts for Earth Day

In the 60s Paul McCartney sang “Sit beside a mountain stream / see her waters rise/ Listen to the pretty sound of music as she flies.” Today, we could replace “music” with “podcasts” to give it an updated 2000s feel without taking away from its feeling and message. Listening to podcasts instead of songs can be somewhat soothing, bring you back into the moment, and allow you to better enjoy your surroundings.

So, here are our suggestions for celebrating #EarthDay: not a list of movies to watch or rules to follow, but just some hints on what to listen to while you’re going through the motions of your daily routine, to really celebrate and respect mother nature.

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3 Tech Podcasts you can’t miss

Here’s a list of some of the best Tech Podcasts from our Spreaker Community. For people who work with technology or are just tech-news followers, there are lots of choices to consider. That’s why we made up this list, for all of you who like to be updated about the latest tech news and can’t be satisfied enough by the usual tech podcasts out there.

The resurgence of podcasts has added another option for listening choices. You can stream them, listen to them live or download them and listen to them at the time of your choosing. – via cio.com

So, press play, turn on the volume and let yourself be inspired, informed and enlightened.

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Is 2016 the year of Podcast Advertising?

2016 is definitely the year of podcast advertising, especially considering our partnership with Triton Digital announced back in December. Even if it still has to scale before it becomes mainstream, big Internet brands like MailChimp and Amazon, along with plenty of startups like underwear brand Mack Weldon, have been using ads to pursue new customers through podcasts.

According to estimates from ZenithOptimedia, ad spending on podcasts in the U.S. could hit $35.1 million in 2016. That’s only 0.06 percent of all digital ad spending, but some say that estimate is low and that it could go as high as $50 million this year. – via adweek.com

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Spreaker at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia

This year the International Journalism Festival in Perugia (Italy) celebrates its tenth birthday and we’ll be there to help them blow out the candles. We’re pretty excited because we’ll also be part of two panels, one with CEO Francesco Baschieri on podcasting as a distinct medium, and another with one of our podcasters, Chiara Beretta Mazzotta (BookBlister Radio), who will be a panelist in a talk about the future of web radio.

Here’s all the info about the panels:

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3 Independent Podcasts About Sports + 2 Special Bonus Ones!

Whether you’re a passionate follower of football games or tennis competitions, the NBA leagues or baseball, we know what it feels like to talk, talk, and talk non-stop about your favorite matches, players, and play-by-plays.

Consuming different types of media has become commonplace for sports fans. Television, Internet, radio and podcasts fuel opinions and provide information to the masses. – via bleacherreport.com

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Interview: Paul Spain, Coordinator of the Asia Pacific Podcast Conference

Paul is founder and CEO at Gorilla Technology, coordinator of the Asia Pacific Podcast Conference and is building a podcast network focused on the Asia Pacific region. The NZ Tech Podcast, which Paul co-founded, reached #1 overall on iTunes in New Zealand by its 3rd episode – and his NZ Business Podcast saw similar success. His first taste of having his voice recorded was on a reel-to-reel audio tape aged 5. He’s also run a pre-Facebook global social network (WorldDJ.com) which reached over 300,000 members, and has appeared dozens of times on TV along with radio and both local and international podcasters.

With a deep interest in technology, Paul Spain has been involved in many aspects of digital media over the last 25 years. He’s coordinator of the next Asia Pacific Podcast Conference that will take place on February 12th – 13th in Auckland, New Zealand. Here’s the interview we conducted:

What do you think is the most common trouble new podcasters run into? And what do they have to do to prevent or fix it?

I commonly come across quality podcasts, that have failed to obtain the attention and audience they deserve. This is usually due to a combination of factors – such as lack of focus on the audience and building a community, inadequate promotion and even poor naming of the podcast. Seeking support and coaching from experts can help with getting much better results.

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Mobile App News Product

Your pocket-sized broadcasting studio is now on iOS!

New Spreaker Studio App for iOS: podcasting, live audio recording

You’ve been patiently waiting, and now it’s finally here. Announcing our latest release, Spreaker Studio for iOS!

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RadioDaysEurope: see you in Milan!


RadioDaysEurope is the annual conference for radio professionals from all around the World, and this year it’s taking place in Milan, from March 15th-17th.

Milan will be functioning as the meeting point of the entire European radio industry, with more than 1300 participants from 60 different countries coming together. We’re excited to go and present our product, and establish important connections.

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News Product

Broadcasting Live 24/7 with Tube is now easier than ever!

Non Stop Broadcasting Best Web Radio Platform

Maintaining a 24/7 non-stop broadcast is fun and rewarding, but comes with its challenges, especially if you’re using Tube, the tool we offer to our Professional podcasters that allows you to connect external tools to Spreaker’s stream.

Having your connection drop may feel like a big drawback, but we’ve got a new solution for you.

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Introducing the New Spreaker Store!

Spreaker Store, Podcasting, Start Your own Radio, Web radio
’s got some amazing new products to offer you, to help you fully establish your brand and really push your broadcasting to new heights.

So, where can you find these new goodies?

Welcome to Spreaker’s Store! Take a look at what we’ve got:

Ad Campaigns: Want to see your stats soar? Promote your shows and episodes with your own ads and banners displayed throughout Spreaker’s website. That’s right, you won’t be seeing traditional ads around the site any longer, they’ll all have been created and submitted by hosts like you. It’s a great way to pique millions of Spreaker users’ interests about your name and audio content.

Customized Apps: Coming soon, you’ll be able to order an app made specifically for your own broadcast, for both iTunes and Android. Just send an image and description of your show, and we’ll take care of all the tech and upkeep – and all for a low price. It’s yet another way to establish your brand and develop a closer relationship with your listeners, who can interact directly with you through the app.

And of course, our classic products:

Pro Plans: Upgrade to a Pro subscription and get extra features for a more professional broadcasting experience!

Voiceovers: Create high quality voice overs and jingles for your Spreaker show with the incredibly talented team at Music Radio Creative.

We can’t wait for you guys to try things out, so take a look around the Spreaker Store now, then tell us what you think!

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