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Podcasting Tips

Tip of The Week: Helpful Spreaker Resources

Spreaker takes care of its community, and since we know that all of our users, seasoned and new, often have a lot of questions about the service, here are the answers you need!

Below are some useful links that will help you understand Spreaker and what we are all about.


Does it cost anything?
Here you will find the packages that we offer. Spreaker offers two different kinds of plans: if you are broadcasting your radio program just for fun you can sign up with a free package or, if you want to be more professional, you can get the premium package with more options.

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Podcasting Tips

Norway Switches Off Analog Radio

The government of Norway has announced its plans to move all radio listening to the European standard digital radio platform, thus eliminating FM broadcasting by January 2017.

Many countries have encouraged the development of digital broadcast and the switch off of analog radio platforms.
What does it mean for us, as listeners? Simply put, democratization and a vast increase in choice. First of all, at least 90% of the population will get access to an additional number of commercial radio stations. This also means that commercial broadcasters will start cooperating on distribution of content, while still competing on the content itself.

This is a clear signal to other countries that governments must play a role in the process of digitalization of radio. Creating transparent and clear terms will help broadcasters, device manufacturers and end users to plan ahead for long-terms conditions and usage patterns.

Which country will follow Norways example next, and when?

Source: http://textpattern.kurthanson.com/

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Podcasting Tips

Keep your profile updated with Facebook Connect!

Now you can connect your Spreaker account with Facebook and share with your friends your activities on our platform.

What you have to do is just to click on the button you find in the Login page and connect your Facebook profile with Spreaker.

Have you broadcast a new episode? Have you started following a show? Spreaker will post on your Facebook wall your new activities. And if you are a new user you can login on Spreaker by using your Facebook account! No more information is required!

Connect your Facebook account with Spreaker and start surfing on our platform!

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