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iPhone improvements: Twitter connect!

Sharing broadcasts with Spreaker is getting easier everyday.


Now you can connect to Spreaker via Twitter, and share all your updates on your Twitter account directly from your device.

We’re working hard on improving our iOS app in order to give you an even greater user experience (and don’t worry Android users, that app will becoming out soon).

Once you login on Spreaker with Twitter, authorize the application to use your account and that will give you more security in terms of privacy.

In just seconds you can start tweeting your updates on Spreaker, so get your fingers ready!

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Podcasting Tips

4 Tips on Making a Great Podcast

Podcasting is simple, but it’s easy to have some doubts when you’re approaching the microphone. Here are some tips regarding questions you guys have been asking us:

-Pick a good name It doesn’t have to be the snappiest title, but it does have to be memorable, and easily searchable on Google.

-Set up a time limit It all depends on what your objectives are, but 30-50 minutes is a safe bet. It’s long enough to allow the conversation to flow, but if we consider when our listeners are actually tuning in, it’s just about the right time for a commute to work, the typical drive, etc. Once you pick your time range, try your best to commit to it.

-Create a place for your fans to go when you’re not broadcasting Set up a solid network around your podcast where listeners can interact. Like to talk about movies? Get a site up, and include links to other reviews, show times, and more. Set up a Facebook page and Twitter account so fans can follow your updates. It’s what the pros do, and you have the same resources they do.

-Be flexible Don’t be afraid to make changes and develop the podcast as you go. If you need to scrap it and start new, that’s ok too. Sometimes a blank slate is just the thing to get the creative juices going.

So take these tips and go forth broadcasting away!

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Spreaker’s staff pick of the week: Political Journal!

politicalThis week Cristina’s pick!

If you’re a news junkie or just looking for a reliable news source, Political Journal offers careful analysis and constant updates on important events and stories from around the world. Aired on the SMBC Network, the show is hosted by Sheriff Phatey, straight out of Hagerstown, Maryland.

Sheriff is an informed and objective journalist, and his show’s format features clear and accessbile explanations of news and events. When giving his opinions he is careful and thoughtful, considering what steps should or shouldn’t have been taken as well as offering predictions. Check out his talks about the importance of U.S. involvement in Libya and the Obama Policy, Libya’s state after Gadhafi, why the International Community should give equal attention to the crisis in Syria, figuring out if Military Action should be taken against Bashar Al-Asad, and more. On his Facebook page, Sheriff also keeps up with stories in the US, and had informed listeners with Hurricane Irene’s moves along the East coast via status updates.

From Africa, to the Middle East, to the United States, Sheriff gives listeners the big picture on what’s going on in the world. Stay tuned to his show every week on Spreaker!

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Podcasting Tips

Using social networking and messaging to keep your listeners interested.

So now that you’ve gained your listeners, it’s important to keep them tuned in and interested. Of course you’re sending out updates and reminders, but how successful have you been? Using email and social networks like Twitter and Facebook effectively is key to keeping them coming. Divide your methods: send out press releases, details and background about your next guest, and general long content about your show through email. Mention quotes in real time, as well as short and sweet snippets and general reminders with Twitter and Facebook.

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