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Podcasting Tips

Get the most out of the pre-roll on your podcast


As we’ve stated on a few different occasions, setting up your podcast is a challenging job. You have to think about content, your target audience, and the look and feel of your design.

After that first glimpse of your logo, it’s the 2-3 seconds they hear of your podcast that will keep your listeners’ attention. In that short span of time, all of your content is on the line, and that initial impression needs to be what convinces them to keep listening in to your podcast or switch to something different.

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Mobile App Podcasting Tips Product

How to Build a Mobile App Dedicated to Your Podcast


When you’re starting up your podcast you have to think about a lot of things: the right tools to use, where to store content, how to spread the word, and last but not least, how to build your audience. We know that this is one of the most challenging tasks to deal with, and setting up your mic to speak to no one probably isn’t what you have in mind.

Building your fanbase doesn’t only mean targeting your content, it also has a lot to do with providing easy access to your podcasts. The more accessible your podcasts are, the easier you gain and keep listeners stuck on your content.

Creating your own application at a great price can be the best option to promote your content, render it more easily discoverable, and offer open access to your podcasts.

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Spreaker Live Show Podcast

Spreaker Live Show: talking with Colin Gray of ThePodcastHost.com


Did you miss the Spreaker Live Show’s last episode? No worries, you can still listen in to Rob Greenlee’s great chat with Colin Gray of ThePodcastHost.com.

Colin told his story on how he jumped into the podcasting world, and explained what teaching new producers how to podcast means to him.

Looking for some tech tips on starting up your podcast? Take Colin’s great advice on selecting the best mixer and digital recorder.

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How Sporting Podcasts Have Blindsided Traditional Media

When thinking about the most widely covered American sports it’s the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, and the World Series that immediately spring to mind. However, there is a myriad of other lesser known sports too that all have their own niche online audiences consisting of fans that are even more passionate than those of the more traditional sports.

All sports have one thing in common; which is the rise of sports podcasting and how it’s bringing fans together in a way that has never been seen before on TV and radio. Sports junkies are united in their passion, so it should be of no surprise that more and more fans are broadcasting their unique voice online.

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How Pastors and Ministers Widen Their Reach Through Podcasts


Forward thinking pastors and ministers are beginning to embrace the advancements in technology that are allowing them to spread the gospel further and faster than ever thought possible. Our world has become much smaller while our reach has become global, and online communication is often our preferred method.

Our online world and new media is often the focus of the negative connotations. However, we are becoming mature enough as a society to understand the real tangible benefits these relatively new channels can bring to both offline and online communities.

Justin Wise is leading this rise of the digital evangelist with his fantastic eye-opening book The Social Church: A Theology of Digital Communication. Essentially, churches as a community have been struggling in reaching its people, but Justin’s book has made church leaders realize that much of the time their congregations are spending most of their time on the internet.

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Podcasting Tips Spreaker Resources

Introducing Longer Episode Titles!


A good title for your podcast episode is important – it sets up your listener for what you and your guests will be discussing, and is one of the most informative elements of your episode and show pages.

Now, we at Spreaker are happy to tell you that we’ve introduced the ability to add longer episode titles!

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10 Years of Podcasting


Anyone that has been around since the beginning will find it hard to believe that it has been ten years since podcasts first arrived on the scene with iTunes 4.9. Although Apple cannot be credited with inventing the concept of digital audio episodes, there is no denying the iPod era paved the way and made it much easier to obtain content in an organised catalogue for the first time.

Only two days after launching podcasts, Apple announced that one million enthusiastic subscribers hopped on board the audio bandwagon. Sure, this growth dramatically slowed down, prompting some to predict its future demise, but the podcast has continued to grow under the radar for many years.

Here in the new media age, the facts speak for themselves with one billion subscribers across 250,000 unique podcasts and 8 million episodes. Outside of the podcast community, most are unaware that these figures show a massive audience, but by contrast a small number of people creating content when comparing to other forms of content creation.

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Just 3 days until the Podcast Movement!



We’re almost there! The Podcast Movement is just days away, and we at Spreaker are getting ready for what’s become the podcasting industry’s most important conference. We’ll be converging with over 1,000 other podcasters at Fort Worth, Texas, acting as sponsors, speakers, and broadcasters.

In fact, CEO Francesco Baschieri and Head of Content Rob Greenlee are warming up for their upcoming sessions. If you’re going, you simply can’t miss them!

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Podcasting Tips

Q&A on Podcasting with Lou Mongello

Next week we’ll be heading towards the Podcast Movement, where we’ll have quite the busy schedule between being involved in various panels and live streaming thanks to our own Rob Greenlee.

Francesco Baschieri, Spreaker’s founder and CEO, will be presenting the session “Fear, Energy and Power of Live Audio Streaming“,  and Rob Greenlee is currently scheduled as moderator for the panel discussion “Podcasting: Present, Past and Future” as well as be participating in “Podcasts Advertising Standards“.

We’ll keep you informed on our every move, but in the meantime we had the chance to talk to another podcasting giant set to take the stage in Forth Worth.

Lou Mongello, with his more than 10 years of podcasting experience, brings us our second round of Q&As as we wait for the Podcast Movement to begin.

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Podcasting Tips

Podcasting: Trends With Benefits

Make no mistake, one of the biggest trends in both social and digital media right now is podcasting. Sure it’s been around for a decade now, but there is a rapidly growing mainstream audience that continues to embrace the ability to educate or entertain them in any location on almost any device.

Listeners are becoming more productive with their time and reaping the benefits as laborious tasks such as the commute, gym, housework or even a long flight can now be a perfect opportunity to learn more about any topic they can imagine.

As “new” media becomes the norm and audio information from an authentic voice can be enjoyed and even appearing in cars, there is no denying the appeal to podcast listeners. However, can this increasing trend offer any benefits to businesses and podcast producers? And how hard is it to get set up?

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