The Spreaker week in recap!


Christmas is here! We’re wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas filled with gifts, snow, good food, and some general jolliness. Maybe some eggnog, too. Don’t forget to tune into Spreaker to keep you warm!


Dave Lyons and Dave Thackeray host Double D Guys, where you can get all latest in tech news.

Saints Fitness Network helps you get fit and stay that way. Be in shape for 2o12!

Listen to The Blue Collar Energy Show for the prices and stats of energy resources, updated regularly throughout the week.

Keep updated with the issues enveloping the African continent with Tough Talk Africa.

Other news:

For great insight and advice on podcasting and social media, read our interview with the sweet Ileane of and Ms. Ileane Speaks!

Meet CEO Francesco, the man behind Spreaker, lover of podcasts and baseball, and chock full of great stories.

We’re thrilled to bring you an early Christmas gift in the form of the new Spreaker app for Android 2.2 and up! Even TechCrunch couldn’t help noticing!

That’s a wrap(!) for this week, now get to the holiday festivities!

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  • Joe Seeker Dec 23,2011 at 3:15 pm

    What advantage do I have with my $50 a month account ? it would seem you want all your listeners to be free ones. I do not understand and since you have subbed out your help forums I can’t seem to get any answers from anyone ! I would like to hear from someone in an email asap

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