The Spreaker week in recap!

Despite the short week, we’re still happy it’s already Friday. Whether you’ll be buzzing around, busy as a bee, or be catching up on sleep, here’s you chance to catch up with any missed podcasts or posts this week!


Lee is the host of The Crazy Old Man Network, providing fascinating critiques and analysis on race relations, politics, religion, the economy, the environment, and more.

Wedding Radio brings you The Olivia Holmes Foundation, and the story of Olivia, who at the age of three, was diagnosed with cancer. Learn about her battle and how she’s still smiling today.

The Eldon Thacker Show is proud to present ”radio the way it oughta be.” Its comedy sketches and characters will charm your socks off.

Recovery 101 Radio is based on 12 step recovery programs that feels more like a casual coffee date after the meeting.

The inSHAPE Fitness Show takes you through different workouts so you can have your bikini bod by the summer – and is great to listen to via your smartphone!

The Susan Powter Show features the fitness guru herself giving biting commentary on hot topics, as well as provides information on food, health, and wellness.


Meet the Team: Alex is a geek, traveller, and new to our time. Read up on what it’s like to be Spreaker’s System Administrator!

Happy weekend, see ya’ll Monday!

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