The Spreaker week in recap!

Weekend is here! And we welcome it with open arms, despite the rain or the cold (at least if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere). Before you go, you might want to check out all the lovelies you might have missed this week on Spreaker.


Every Sunday at 11/10 PM CST tech geek Adam Fordham shows off his skills and offers news, tutorials, and more on That Tech Show.

Economy, democracy, and dignity for all are hot topics on The Kenya Progressive Voice Show, acting as a place to start discussions between Kenya’s citizens.

Last night eclectic musician Mercedes Ferrer broadcasted live from Madrid with her latest album “Travesía.” Missed it? Don’t worry, just check out her podcast Turbolencias.


When Marco isn’t running around with his kids or reading comic books, he’s Spreaker’s loyal Front End Developer. This week he was also the star of Meet the Team.

We’ve given a serious facelift to your dashboard and plans, news that surely made you happy users. And if you had any doubts about what those changes mean for you, we’ve also cleared some things up.

Let’s get crazy this weekend! See you Monday!

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