The Spreaker week in recap!

In our part of Europe it’s a winter wonderland. It’s quiet and clean, and we’re snowed in – no getting out of the house! Beat the cabin fever with these specially picked podcasts from the week and posts:


Judge Wyld, brings his podcast over to Spreaker from BTR, full of rants on every topic – call in be a part of the discussion!

For tips on marketing, website and blog development and promotion, and monetizing check out Magnet4Marketing Podcast.

Allow your business to grow with the help of Eflexonics, all about the best in biz tech podcasting and blogging platforms.


We’re constantly making changes, and our new episode page makes listening and sharing so easy and pretty.

Maia is our Argentinian Community Manager, keeping the Latin American community together and informed on Spreaker’s every move.

For a fresh approach to podcasting Evo Terra shares some great advice, as well as his story and experiences in broadcasting.

The accomplished Mark Ramsey of Mark Ramsey Media was kind enough to provide us with some great sound bytes of pointers and tips on podcasting.

Stay warm, guys!

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