The Spreaker week in recap

Hello sunny weekend! Spring seems to start and we are really happy here at Spreaker. Friday night is around the corner, let’s take a look at what he had going on this week:


The Myth behind Networking: Tazz takes a closer look at what it means to “network” and what you should really know in order to get ahead in life and work. It’s the first time this Seminar has been made available for free!

Start your engines: If you’re ready to have a baby yourself, The Moving Peapod offers workouts to help prep your body for the pregnancy ahead. Join Kim Watkins for your first session.

Dr Ande’s Writers’ Radio: shares tips on everything there is to learn, about publishing, marketing, and improving your writing from a business perspective, to getting over your writer’s block.

Action Nerds GO: brings together a few friends to have fun conversations about sci-fi, video games, cars, science, technology, and more!

Cosas de pareja y algo más: If you’re having relationship troubles and just happen to speak Spanish, you can’t miss this podcast by Daniel Vasquez Montano, helping you to shed light onto your interpersonal relationship problems!


Meet the Team: Giada is our colorful and active Administrative Head, taking care of all of Spreaker’s employees, check out this lady’s interview!

Happy weekend, see you on Monday!

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