The Spreaker week in recap

Don’t you love Fridays? So do we, almost as much as we love your podcasts! For every query and interest, you’ve got niche shows to match. Motorcycles or hockey, anyone?

Neanderthal Marketing Radio Show helps you tackle all the business and marketing obstacles that will come your way with lots of tips and advice. Check out what they have to say about Fan Pages on Facebook changing over to the new Timeline layout, too!

The Rick’s Radio Roots Show is a sweet and entertaining blast from the past, a mix of old and new with splices of radio shows from the 40s and 50s.

A Humorous History of England is made up of quick episodes featuring amusing poetry retelling the history of England.

Check out the Syracuse Stampede junior hockey team and their broadcasts on Spreaker for play-by-plays on live as well as past games from the whole season.

Celtic Football fans can get their fill on their favorite shows – from LIVE HomeBhoys to Beyond the Waves Celtic Show to the LostBhoys podcast – on Hail Hail Media.

Pump up the Presence gives a voice to female entrepreneurs and offers advice on business, as well as discussions on current events.

If you’re fascinated by the mystique of American bikers, or take part in the motorcycling community, listen in to the BIC Radio Show.


We’re teaming up with fellow Italians at for advice and tips on podcasting! Take a look at their post on how to correctly use microphones during your broadcast.

Have a great weekend!

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