The Spreaker week in recap

It was such a busy week, so much was happening! The Ting Tings came back to show us some love, we posted lots of interviews, and of course had your shows to depend on. If you missed anything, just look to our handy recap:


The Digital Buzz focuses on “Women in Tech,” STEM in education, Technology Trends, and how such changes can improve upon education today.

Lakota Phillips hosts Breaking Taboo, tackling societal myths, stereotypes, art, sex, and of course taboos. Check it out every Monday at 4-5 PM PST. brings you reports on everything going on in the Kansas City Metro Area, from hard news to political happenings.

Sebastiano Barassi, curator at Kettle’s Yard, hosts a new talk on modern sculptor Gaudier-Brzeska and his place in the Vorticist movement.


‎The Ting Tings came back Spreaker to broadcast straight from NYC, featuring another stellar set of great tunes both vintage and new.

Claire Wardle of Storyful talked to us about journalism and social media, and the upcoming changes to radio.

Josh Muirhead of SocialMark Media gives tips on creating good content, and what’s coming up in podcasting and the social media world.

Gunnar Garfors of NMTV and the International DMB Advancement Group Read offers his reflections on going digital, the power of radio, and podcasting.

Happy Friday, Saturday, and Sunday y’all!

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