The Spreaker week in recap

Aren’t you guys glad it’s Friday? I think all those podcasts you guys have been broadcasting prove you’ve all been working hard, so let’s kick off this weekend a little early with the usual recap sendoff:


Learn to communicate better and perfect your public speaking with tHe PuBliC SpEaK, always featuring new techniques, hearing helpful pointers, and more.

Ann Shannon hosts Let’s Talk Education, covering various topics including the education system, and her last episode deals with college and its worth to today’s youth

Carl features the best of today’s art and culture by presenting modern masterpieces in both the music and written form on HMradio.

The Solace Show tackles challenging topics from teenage pregnancy to religion through open discourse from different points of view.

Dave Thackeray, aka The Podcast Guy, gave his own interview to Disney expert Lou Mongello. Listen in for more on WDW Radio and monetizing your podcast.

The Crosshairs Show is “gaming talk for gamers and by gamers.” Listen in for fascinating interviews with game creators, reviews, and more.

Listen in to Tshombe Brown every Monday on Selling with Spirit Radio for advice on delivering solutions to business challenges, and helping entrepreneurs attract clients.


Disney expert Lou Mongello dishes about his successful travel podcast WDW Radio. Read up on how repurposing your content and how to develop a faithful community.

Radio veteran Wendy Wagoner teaches important broadcasting skills through her online course on Check out her interview and exclusive offer to the Spreaker community!

David Harper delves into the evolution of Hail Hail Media, home to Celtic fans around the world (and some Mets fans too).

Have a great weekend all!

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  • Lou Mongello - WDW Radio Apr 25, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Thank you again for inviting me to come on and discuss my personal journey as well as podcasting in general. Hope your listeners found it enjoyable and valuable (I’d love to hear from them if they did!), and keep up the great work on Spreaker!

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