The Spreaker week in recap

You guys have made it such a great week! You’ve covered sports, language, culture, finance – is there anything you guys can’t do? Anyway, a fun and/or relaxing weekend is clearly deserved, but before we go here’s a rundown from the past five days:


Sports broadcaster Max Aaron starts The Yankees Enthusiast up again, covering baseball news and offering game recaps, predictions, and analysis.

Comedy writer Neal Mayhem unleashes his racy and fun wit on Minutes of Mayhem. Listen in for hilarious banter and more!

Learn basic financial and life strategies, and from each other’s mistakes on Kitchen Table Money Talk with Louis and Angie Barjas.

Sports Team Consultants Sports Report features sportscaster Coach Chuck White reporting on the latest in local games and matches, as well as professional leagues.

PonteRadio-EVRİM brings together a group of young students in Istanbul with a passion for the Italian language.

Portanova Direzione Sud are quick podcasts that cover hot topics and buzzworthy stories happening all over Italy in real time.

Rich Greene is back with Tech Talk featuring tech news and stories for all you geeks out there. Check out his predictions on this year’s WWDC 2012.


Erik Barraud of AdsWizz talked to us about understanding and analyzing your audience to help you make better content.

The duo behind The Mervyn&Bernard iRadio Show are some of our best broadcasters! Check out their interview with Lisa of the Meridian International Children’s Festival.

Have a great weekend guys!

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  • Andy Apr 30, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    Dear Spreaker,

    My name is Andy Fraser and I am a broadcaster customer of Spreaker. I am also involved in a network of affiliate stations that base their broadcast on the spreaker platform. Our network is The Force Radio Network. We also stream via our private servers via Shoutcast, Icecast and feed our stream to and other aggragators.

    Recently we are all experiencing dropouts and skips during our Live broadcast. We all use Sam Broadcaster and feed our streams into the Tube port on your servers.
    The first few times this happened we chalked it up as a band width problem that you were working on resolving. Now that we have tolerated the issue for several months now we are convinced that no one is addressing this problem. We all appreciate the easy social media connections that you provide for our use and want to continue to be a customer of Spreaker. Having acknowledeged your good work I must tell you that as serious broadcasters that sell commercials and spots on our shows we would appreciate your immediate help resolving the dropouts and skips in our streams. It ruins our shows and frustrates our listeners and our sponsors will not tolerate it.

    As earlier stated it seems to happen during heavy LIVE show activity on Friday and Saturday nights eastern times. I would suggest that you devise a priority Tube port scheme for your paying customers if you do not plan to increase your band width handling capabilities. I will be glad to provide you a list of all the accounts that are affiliates on our network.

    I look forward to hearing from you to resolve these issues ASAP.


    Andy Fraser

    Caro Spreaker,

    Recentemente stiamo tutti sperimentando abbandoni e saltidurante la nostra trasmissione in diretta. Tutti usiamo SamBroadcaster e nutrono i nostri flussi nella porta tubo sui server.
    Le prime volte questo è successo lo abbiamo messo a segnocome un problema di larghezza di banda che si stava lavorandosulla risoluzione. Ora che abbiamo tollerato il problema per diversi mesi, siamo convinti che nessuno sta affrontando questo problema.Noi tutti apprezziamo le facili connessioni social media che forniscono per il nostro uso e vogliono continuare ad essere un cliente di Spreaker. Dopo aver acknowledeged il vostro buon lavoro devo dirvi che le emittenti seri che vendono pubblicità e spotsui nostri spettacoli apprezzeremmo il vostro aiuto immediato per risolvere i forcellini e salti nei nostri corsi d’acqua. Rovina i nostri spettacoli e frustra i nostri ascoltatori ei nostri sponsor non lotollera.

    Come già detto sembra accadere durante intensa attività Live show Venerdì e sabato sera volte orientali. Vorrei suggerire diconcepire un tubo schema di priorità di porta per i vostri clientipaganti, se non si prevede di aumentare le vostre capacità di gestione larghezza di banda. Sarò lieto di fornirvi un elenco di tuttigli account che sono affiliati sulla nostra rete.

    Non vedo l’ora di sentire da voi per risolvere questi problemi al più presto.

    Cordiali saluti,

    Andy Fraser

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