The Spreaker week in recap

Friday, is it you? Why yes, it is! Great job this week, everyone; you’ve been great! Now let’s kick off our shoes and set into amazing weather mode this weekend, but first:


Political Weathervane features Ben and Shawn Holmgren giving a Midwestern view on politics, news reports, and the 2012 election. It airs every Sunday at 2PM ET/1PM CT.

The Wreck features the hilarious and at times even thoughtful bantering of JR Wild and Twitterpated Joe, covering everything from political issues to ghosts.

NorCal Writers is a podcast dedicated to writers in the Northern California area, featuring discussions on the latest literature, and interviews with authors.

The Dangerous Dan Sports Show is the place to go for all sports news, from MLB to NBA, from NASCAR to the WWE. Tune in Mondays through Thursdays!

Preparations have already started for International Forgiveness Week and the Weekend of Perfect Peace coming up this September celebrating peace and love through forgiveness.

For the freshest news, reviews, and previews in gaming and gadgets head to GamerTag News. Plus, stay tuned for their coverage of E3 2012 – “you’ve just been tagged.”

Surfers out in Grand Haven, Michigan can always rely on Will Beaton and his detailed weather predictions before going out to catch a wave. Tune in to SurfGrandHaven!


Q&A: Anne-Sophie Reinhardt of Fighting Anorexia and My Intercontinental Life shares her approach on podcasting with authenticity and passion.

Q&A: Cliff Ravenscraft is the host of Podcast Answer Man and the organizer behind the podcast track at Blog World & New Media Expo this year.

Contest: Think you’re a hot host? Take part in’s contest to prove just how good you look in front of a mic, and you could win a Samson G-Track microphone!

Now – go off and have a crazy-good weekend!

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