The Spreaker week in recap!

Welcome to the weekend, now sit back and relax! This week we’ve covered everything from nerdcore topics to sports, and we suggest that you catch up on what you missed over the next few days on your favorite hammock with a drink in hand.


Sonia is the “Gutsy Writer” currently preparing her travel memoir, and now she’s podcasting about her life through The Sonia Marsh/GutsyLiving Show.

Nerds have inherited the Earth, as stated and proved by the guys on Frakkin Nerds, putting their nerdy spin from the latest trends on Twitter, to debates on Xbox 360 and PS3.

“It’s time to stop protecting today’s enterprise from yesterday’s threats.” The HP Community known as Down the Rabbithole continues to analyze and tackle hackers and their threats to business environments.

The hosts at MVPGamerz are dedicated to bringing you the best in sports and gaming news all throughout the week. Listen in and partecipate in the conversation.

Fans of the USA Rugby League can now turn to USARL Podcast 2012 for tons of information and dialogue on their favorite sport.

The guys on Nick and Derek Radio have held numerous interviews throughout their run, and they’ve condensed them into one show: the Interview Vault.

The LaptopsOfLove Show works to bring widespread awareness of cancer and the way it affects children and young people, hoping to eventually improve the quality of life of these patients.

The Custard TV is a weekly podcast presented by the clever and funny Luke, Tannice, and Gary all about what’s going on on the tube. Listen in live every Tuesday at 8pm UK time.

On The Wilfred Franklin Show the aviation veteran offers up everything he’s learned about flying the skies through sessions on his fascinating podcast.


New features: Presenting our brand new mobile site! Now you can navigate Spreaker easily on any mobile device.

Happy weekend!

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