The Spreaker week in recap

That’s a wrap on this week – now time for the weekend! Bring the week’s best podcasts with as you enjoy the next couple of days. Perhaps some ear candy by the pool or tunes while you garden will make the experience even more enjoyable!


Check out The Stoner Jesus Show and have fun and bringing debauchery to new levels. Tune in every Tuesday and Saturday.

Listen in to what’s going on in L.A. and the surrounding areas on The Grassroots Talks Show, seeking social change by working with children and families.

Sedleigh shares live gigs performed by his friends, and tracks from his album “Bahnhof” on SedleighLiveRadio.

The passionate Angel Clark keeps you informed on politics and government news on The Angel Clark Show, every Monday through Friday.

Robert, Kris, and Gwyncy all welcome you to The Morning Meltdown, covering every topic imaginable “from the zany to the serious.”

For all your psychic needs tune in to The Irish-Psychic Show, where listeners can call in for readings and advice. Tune in Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

George is a certified yoga instructor, wellness specialist and sports nutritionist offering news in alternative health on Wellness Talk.


Discovering the Community: the aviation experts on  IMC CLub’s Plane Talk will be broadcasting this year’s edition of The Ninety-Nines’ International Conference.

New features: Broadcast and share your episodes quickly and easily with the help of Spreaker’s new Broadcast page layout.

Oh, and happy Friday!

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