The Spreaker week in recap

We’re fired up for the weekend (no, but really, because we’re going through a second heat wave in our parts!). But first, catch up with all of the great shows and news that came through this week along with us!


The Free COO offers advice on building and running a startup company. It’s professional advice from an expert’s point of view.

The Following the Nerd Show is a place where nerds can congregate and discuss everything from movies, comics, books, collectibles and the paranormal.

The Mervyn & Bernard iRadio Show is a place where kids can listen and be heard. Tune in for kids’ and community news, health and nutrition information, interviews, and more.

Harlem Roots and Beyond, of, features host Lydgia sharing information and commentary regarding the Harlem community.

Susan continues her personal musings on everything from health and wellness to social hot topics on The Susan Powter Show.

Along with its usual repertoire, English Programme brings you Sherlock Holmes and his stories told in bite-size chunks for your literary pleasure.


Q&A: Adam Spiegelman of Proudly Resents spoke to us on his beginnings in the biz, how patience is a real virtue in podcasting, and how not to turn off your fans.

Discovering the Community: The guys of Twittamidinotte have combined both Spreaker and Twitter to create a revolutionary podcast where the listeners dictate the content.

Have a great weekend!

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