The Spreaker week in recap

Welcome Friday! Now it’s time to relax and enjoy but before this Friday whisks us into a warm weekend, take a look at all the good stuff we’ve collected:


Maeltj, from the south of Andalusia, comments on the latest developments and updates in technology, apps, and what’s on the web.

Tim Ziegler talks baseball with various guests on The Seventh Inning Stretch. Listen to coverage throughout the entire season, plus discussions on players and games.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Benedict Garrett brings his show Benedict’s Box to Spreaker. Tune in as he answers listeners’ questions, plus leads discussions on his activism for sexual liberalism and reformed sex education.

Breaking Taboo: Lakota Phillips is the artist, writer, and erotic muse behind the show, where she and guests bravely bust societal myths, stereotypes, art, sex, and taboos. It’s unafraid of controversy but always fun to listen to.

Vidas en Red: Converso, is a real expert on mobile technology, and shares lots of news and trivia about the Meek’s world.

The Pulse: features exciting sports talk about all the latest news and updates of the season. Listen in for commentary on games and matches, news on athletes, and more.


Discovering the Community: David Smalley does not shy away from controversial yet important topics like religion and civil rights on Dogma Debate Radio. He speaks with us on how he approaches hot topics on the air, and where he hopes the show will go.

Youtube Connect: Like others auto-shares, if you connect your Spreaker account to YouTube, we’ll automatically publish your episodes on YouTube and your podcast will get a bigger audience!

24/7 non-stop support to Spreaker Tube: If you broadcast with Tube and want to set the category or enable 24/7 non-stop, access this page and use the wizard to get the configuration to apply on your software.

So, ready for the beach? Have fun this weekend! 🙂

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