The Spreaker week in recap

As you already know, we’re obsessed with audio and sound, and we have to admit that just hearing the word “Friday” is like music to our ears. It’s been a great week, and now let’s get ready for an even greater weekend – but first, our usual send-out:


Mixed martial arts fans can tune in to the MMA writers at Verbal Scrap Podcast-Mixed Martial Arts for news on national UFC events and northern California MMA fights.

The Sandwich is not your average talk show, turning traditional broadcasting on its head and putting a satirical spin on news, talk, and more.

Reno Viola is the spirited host of Reno Viola Outdoors, offering all the latest news, interviews, and tips on fishing.

Rob Aguilar covers all the latest news and holds fascinating interviews regarding Mixed Martial Arts on his podcast Split Decision.

The hosts of The Liberty Shark bring Libertarian commentary and thoughtful discussions on current affairs throughout the week.

Diario de un fotógrafo amateur is a personal diary offering stories, techniques, and more on the art of photography.

Other offerings from the week:

The journalists at NYaltnews bring a fresh view on all the news going on in the State of New York.

Plus check out our Tumblr account Spreaker Status for info on new track listening statistics, upgrading your iGadgets to the latest iOS 5 version, and unified followers for shows and users.

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!

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