The Spreaker week in recap

From zombies, to politics, to sports, this week it seems we’ve covered it all. Wonderful job on all the podcasts, everyone, now it’s time to cut loose this Friday and enjoy the weekend! Before you go, let’s take a look at our weekly run-through:


The Midnight Talk raises awareness and opens up discussions regarding suicide, depression and mental illness through personal stories and experiences.

Tune in to the bloody humor and fun stories and paranormal oddities on Zombie Life Podcast with Jig and Eddie.

Willie Lawson gives listeners his take on the political situation from a Republican perspective, plus gives extensive coverage on this year’s presidential race.

The Way It Is with Hunter Peay brings you coverage on the presidential election and political news that is unaffected by the mainstream media.

The gang at Hail Hail Media brings you the 90 Minute Cynic Podcast, where cynics Chris Gallagher, Kevin Gillespie, Chris Boud, and Louis McCaffrey go over Celtics Champions League hopes.

What else we’ve got:

Discovering the Community: Angel is always pouring her passion and energy into The Angel Clark Show, bringing her own spin on economics and civil liberties.

Now users with Anchorman or Station accounts can have fans calling in to listen to their podcasts from their phones.

Have a great weekend!

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