The Spreaker week in recap

Though it’s been a productive and podcast-filled week, we’re ready to welcome the weekend with open arms. Though before we get to our Friday shenanigans, let’s look back at all the wonderful shows we got to listen to:



The Classic Metal Show features the crew’s latest straight to the punches interview with Mark Kendall, guitarist of Great White.

Sunset City Memories encourages listeners to use their imagination as a way of escaping stressful realities in order to relax. Trust them – they’ve got your back!

Tune in to the hard efforts and sportsmanship of the Bluffton Bobcat Football team on the Bobcat Radio Network.

Discover emerging, un-signed artists while falling under the spell of stories of mysterious paranormal activity, oracles, and more on TweetOracolo.

The guys over at The Umbrella Tech Show get together once a week for discussions and animated rants on tech news and video games.

Miguel Angel goes into discussions as well as off on tangents on technology, internet frauds and tricks, safety, and spoofing!

Social media leader Chris talks technology, plus covers all the latest news on what’s hot on the web on The Chris Voss Show.

What else we had going on:

Discovering the Community: Hayya, aka HayyaLiving Life Coaching, helps women entrepreneurs find their footing and offers guidance with her show “The Big Idea with Coach Hayya Lee.”

That’s a wrap, have a good weekend!

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