The Spreaker week in recap!

Thank goodness it’s Friday! Let’s give this week a worthy sendoff with a recap of all the wonderful stories and podcasts from the past few days:


Danny Pinn shares his ramblings and quirky thoughts, from urination to the dentist, on The Pinn Point.  No subject is taboo or too out there.

Anne Ribley and Jack Voorheis are the hosts of Empower11, created to help you overcome life’s challenges and come out triumphant.

At Odds is political talk from wise-guys Brian and Nate. Each host brings his own political perspective, allowing for thoughtful debate and analyses on all the latest news.

The ever-changing Facebook has often left users perplexed, but The Facebook AnswerMan is here to answer all your questions on the popular social network.

What else we had going on:

Let’s reveal some of the greatest secrets on how to have a totally rocking show. Check out these 6 tips we’ve picked out for you.

We’re calling on all Android developers to help us create the Spreaker app of your dreams. Find out how to enter, and have your creation become our official Android app!

Meet the Team: Let’s give a standing ovation to the boss of bosses, the man and the mind behind Spreaker. We’re proud to present our CEO @thebask.

Spreaker on the Road: Chicago sparkles with all the wonders it has to offer – not to mention the podcasts! Check out the Windy City’s goods!

Don’t forget all our wonderful user pic entries!

Have a great weekend!

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    It would be great to have a constant streaming radio on Spreaker, we already have click to play!

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