The Ting Tings and Sounds From Nowheresville on Spreaker

Hailing from the UK, the duo behind the The Ting Tings, Jules de Martino and Katie White, were cool enough to hit up Spreaker this past Monday to help present their awesome new album Sounds From Nowheresville.

On The Ting Tings Show they answered your questions, chatted about their personal stories, and featured a stellar playlist of both songs that have affected their own style, to tunes straight off the new album. From Talking Heads to Skrillex, it was over an hour of great music and feedback from fans, and we just wanted to say: great show, and thanks guys! Total honor!

Get (or pre-order, depending on where you are) Sounds From Nowheresville today, and keep up with all The Ting Tings do on Facebook and Twitter @thetings.

Looking forward to your next live podcast!

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