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Top 3 Tips to Make Your Podcast Picture Perfect

3 Essential Steps to Get Your Podcast Looking Great

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Podcasters pride themselves on their ability to paint a compelling and detailed image of a topic with their voices. Podcasts are a powerful canvas for spoken word. But choosing images for your podcast does not pose a dilemma of visual vs. audio. On the contrary, a picture exemplifies the richness of your content and those thousands of words. Here’s how to start embracing image use in your podcast.

Creating an Impact

Having great artwork transmits professionalism, generates immediate intrigue and builds an expectation of what’s to come. Sure, your catchy podcast title will draw your listener’s eye. But especially when scrolling through a library of podcasts of a similar category, a striking image snaps the attention and gets people going ‘what’s THAT about?’

(Image source: Freepik)

When it comes to your lead image, consider that the icon will appear small. So it’s good to go with a single, simple image that is centred. This way, it will look good on any platform. Another neat trick is making your color scheme stand out. Do a lot of other podcasts that yours appears listed alongside use a red base? It’s good to use a bold color, but a different one to challenge to mold sets your podcast apart.

(Image source: Pixabay)

Capture the Essence

The first place to look is stock image websites. The choice is vast. There is an image out there for basically any topic or sub-topic you would wish to cover. Stock images can tell a very specific story, or simply represent a general atmosphere that you can wield to your own purposes. For example, this image below from Shutterstock can help convey the well thought-out marketing strategy that your podcast is discussing this week.

(Image source: Pexels)

While the podcast artwork icon is a great place to start, there is a lot of potential in including more images as part of your website and social media posts. Don’t forget the shareability of an image. Have a browse of Instagram and Pinterest for some inspiration.

(Image source: Freepik)

Think of using a combination of photography and illustration. The beauty of podcasts is that when listeners tune in, the images that form in their minds while listening are abstract, therefore so can the images that you choose.

Get Past The Microphone

You’ve seen it. The stock image of a microphone to symbolise ‘this is recorded audio’. But really, you can be so much more creative than that! First of all, it doesn’t actually reflect the topic you’re talking about. Secondly, it can give a rather stuffy and old-fashioned view of what podcast content-creation is.

Julia Barton warns against what the constant use of images of mics as a symbol of podcasts: “they’re microphones for talking at people, not listening to people. Americans in particular live in a culture that equates talking with power and listening with submission.”

(Image source: Unsplash)

Listening is empowering, and your podcast imagery should reflect that. Choose an image that expresses an ideal experience of your listeners’ empowered and interested enjoyment – not your ideal image of a fancy equipment!

So go ahead, make a bright and bold statement with your podcast imagery!

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