Welcome to Spreaker: David Anderson in the Spotlight

tazzWe’re ecstatic to be the new home for The David Anderson Radio Movement – a podcast by the famous Tazz Daddy, who was sweet enough to give us a stellar interview.

David “Tazz” Anderson is the founder and editor-in-chief of, an award-winning alternative media hub. Known as an accomplished media personality, author of The Handbook and  Common Sense Ain’t Common, and a motivational speaker, who has been working in media since his middle school years. His flair for broadcasting and experience has brought him far, and you can catch him teach as an adjunct professor (among other successful endeavors).

Check out the interview to see what it takes to be a passionate and successful podcaster:

How was your passion for podcasting born?

My passion for podcasting was born out of necessity to stay in touch with the audience in between radio jobs. With the industry being so flaky, this seemed like a welcome alternative to accomplish that goal. To be able to reach fans in London, New York, Nashville and South Carolina all at the same time is a blessing.

What kind of programs will you have on Spreaker? What kind of podcast will it be? What kind of topics will you take on?

The Tazz Daddy Radio Movement is meant to be a motivational and inspiring podcast that dwells on brutal honesty. Everything in life isn’t all flowers and springtime, so I plan on dealing with very real issues that we face today. People need hope, people need encouragement, but what I find is that many people also need someone who won’t tolerate their excuses or celebrate them for embracing their limitations.

I will also be uploading my motivational conference calls on a separate review channel, so that people who weren’t able to attend them will have access to them. These calls are designed for more Q&A, and they’re an exciting opportunity to connect with people directly.

That will definitely be something appreciated in our community. In your book The Handbook: Understanding Urban Radio, you talk about how to be a successful radio personality. Can you share any tips with us?

Many podcasters make the mistake of trying to speak to a massive audience instead of speaking to one person. This is why they may fall short in trying to connect with an audience. When I’m doing my radio show, I focus on one person, because if it sounds like I’m talking to one person, it gives the effect that I’m speaking directly to you. I’m suggesting you stay away from phrases like “you guys”, “y’all”, “everybody”.

Aside from that, you need to have fun and be yourself. You can’t go in and try to be someone else because it comes across as disingenuous.

That is an excellent point! Speaking to one person definitely makes it seem more intimate and personal. What do you think of the Spreaker community? Do you have any suggestions for our content creators?

I absolutely adore this community! I would not have entered into a partnership with this company if I didn’t see the potential, talent, and technological advantage that we have over similar products in the marketplace. There are so many awesome and diverse shows here. I would suggest that people take it seriously. Build your brand, make sure you have an active Facebook page and put a face to support your movement, and have fun with what you’re doing.

We adore you, too! Do you have anything else you’d like to share with us and that you’d like us to post on our blog or social network?

I invite everyone to check out and pick up my books. The Handbook is full of tips to help you become a better podcaster and broadcaster. My self-help book, Common Sense Ain’t Common, will help you look at life a bit more objectively. I speak to different audiences all over the country, and the one thing that holds true universally, is that people want to be loved, respected, and appreciated. I try to enlighten people on this fact everywhere I go.

Thanks Tazz, it was a pleasure!

Catch Tazz Daddy on Facebook and Twitter @TazzDaddy!

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