What’s going on with our iOS apps

In the past few weeks we’ve been pushing out some new releases to our iOS Apps; some of you have reached out because they couldn’t find the statistics screen on the Spreaker Podcast Radio app anymore.

As of now, listener analytics are only displayed on Spreaker Studio and this means that if you are a content producer you should have already downloaded the Spreaker Studio App for iOS in order to access your stats. In a few months (we can’t reveal the date just yet) we’ll be launching a complete renewal of Spreaker Podcast Radio App for iOS which will give users a much better podcast listening experience, like we already did on Android.

Two is better than one

By the end of this year we will make our mobile experience consistent between Android and iOS. We want to create a great listening experience on Spreaker Podcast Radio while, on the Studio app, we will offer everything a producer should need – stats included. We believe that splitting Spreaker into two apps is a win-win for producers: you will be able to use a better production tool and at the same time your audience will enjoy a better listening experience and ultimately will be more engaged to your content.

1 – The ultimate podcast production app: Spreaker Studio

Spreaker Studio is a pocket-sized broadcasting studio entirely tailored to podcasters and audio content producers. The app is a one-stop-shop for creating, publishing, sharing and measuring your content. That’s why listening stats for producers live here.

You can broadcast live or record your episode: the interface let’s you mix voice, sound tracks and multiple sound effects from your iPhone or iPad.


If you are recording your show, you can decide to publish it on a later date; you can use tags to make your podcast easily discoverable and you can share it through social networks.


And if you are broadcasting live, you can also chat with your listeners – all inside the Studio app!


At any time, if you want to know more about who is listening to your episodes, tap on the hamburger icon and access the Statistics sections section. By tapping on the hamburger icon you’ll also be able to access your profile information, all your episodes and the app settings.

2 – Listeners side: Spreaker Podcast Radio

Soon, listeners will be able to enjoy a completely new listening experience: it will be easier to tune in at any time to their favorite live and on demand shows. Users will find playlists based on what they like, what they have downloaded and what they want to listen to later; and they will easily discover new content, browsing through popular and new shows in a large number of curated lists.

When not using the app, they’ll get notifications about new episodes that are published by their favorite shows and they will also be able to listen off-line to downloaded episodes. An auto-download feature will make episode synchronization really easy.

And that’s it! We truly hope this post was helpful and gave you an insight on what is going here at Spreaker on the iOS App production side.

If you have something to add, just write us in the comment section below. And if you need more help, contact us here and we will answer you ASAP!



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