Why We Don’t Offer Phone Support

spreaker_tel_supportOften, our users ask us to call them directly, and we always reply with the same answer: we don’t offer an official support number.

Today we want to give you a thought-out, thorough response, so that you can understand the reasons why we don’t offer that extra life-line.

Phone support does cost a lot of money, and currently we only receive 1% of requests asking for it. Having this extra feature would ultimately mean raising our prices, and we don’t think that it makes sense for just 1%.

At Spreaker, offering the best customer support is a priority, and that’s the reason why we’ve chosen to offer standard support via email. In all of our experience, we haven’t yet encountered an issue that couldn’t be resolved that way.

We strongly believe that our failures can be measured by the support requests we receive. If a feature is confusing or not working for a customer, then it’s probably a user experience issue that needs to be resolved on our end. Having said that, we prefer to invest our time on improving our product, rather then spending precious resources on phone support. It’s a matter of choosing long-term investment over short-term solutions.

In the future we hope to be able to offer more channels for our customers to communicate with our support team—but we insist on not doing it at the expense of our products.

So, no phone support? No panic! We’re still here to help you!

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    1. Hello there,

      Please contact us at support@spreaker.com so we can assist you with the problem. Also, please provide us with two screenshots of the Spreaker Studio console and the Skype audio settings. This way, we can have a look at your current settings and let you know if something needs to be changed.



  1. While it is fair enough that you don’t offer phone support, it is critical that it takes days for you guys to reply on email. Often it is an urgent matter, when a podcaster needs support!

    1. Hi Simon, thanks for sharing your feedback. Unfortunately, in the past 2 days, TenderApp, the external service we use for offering customer support, had server issues and this slowed down our work. Now the issue is fixed and we will answer to all the tickets as soon as we can. Hope this clarifies.


  2. I all of a sudden have had a long amount of plays reduced. I’d like to know why they were taken. I understand about accuracy but I’m trying to understand the drastic difference in the numbers.
    Thank you,


  3. I want to change my logo for all the major listening platforms. How do I do that? I’ve switched on Spreaker. Thank you.

    1. Hello Marcus, if you switched it on Spreaker, it will automatically switch on all listening platforms.

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