Your Tool For Creating The Slickest Audio Around has Just Landed

You’ve recorded your podcast, you’re ready to share it… but before you press publish – stop!

Our new crop tool (for iOS and Android) is a simple podcast editing process which lets you cut out those annoying extras to help you create your sleekest, smoothest audio to date.

A quick replay will let you listen out for any unnecessary extras, so you can cut those coughs, umms, and pauses and make your podcast totally ready for reaching thousands of listeners with our one tap distribution tool.

Complete Post-Editing: Now Available for both Android and iOS.

Podcasting should be easy to do from wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.
That’s why we’re creating a platform that will allow you to record, edit and distribute your podcast straight from your phone. Truly portable podcasting.

The launch of the crop feature is for iOS users, in addition to the current ‘trim’ feature, and for Android users landing alongside the ‘trim’ feature – these two tools gives Spreaker users complete audio editing power at their fingertips.

Choose which parts to keep or remove, from wherever in your raw audio file – plus if you feel like you’ve over-edited, you can undo an operation or edit over the course of multiple steps to make sure you don’t go overboard!
Clever editing has the power to turn your podcast from great to incredible.

Podcast editing process

Get Cropping!

Ready to get editing? Let’s run through how to cut your audio.

You’ve just recorded an unscripted interview while out and about – instead of publishing it, now you have the chance to fine-tune your audio to perfection.
Once you have the raw audio file you’ll need to click ‘edit’ on the top right of the App screen to take you to where you can start making some post-production changes.

How to shorten your audio file is super straightforward.
As iOS users are already aware the trim function works by dragging the cursor along your podcast’s waveform to where you want the audio to start and selecting ‘begin here’, same goes for where you want it to end by tapping ‘end here’ – the process for cropping audio in Android is exactly the same.
To create your audio clip for removal you’ll follow the same process – literally selecting the extras that are for the editing floor.

In both cases, once you’ve made your selection tap CUT and either select ‘Trim’ to shorten your file or ‘delete’ to remove any unwanted sections.

The best bit? These actions can be done repeatedly throughout your editing process and before making any final decisions you’ll have the chance to listen to your clip to double check your selection.

Plus, we have also added the REDO and UNDO buttons so you can undo your last edit in case you change your mind or redo any edit you have undone. That’s it, it’s super simple and gives post-production power to every user, even when on-the-go.

To Sum Up

We hope you enjoy playing with these new tools, combined with our recent launches of one-tap distribution and on-the-go trimming we are only just beginning to make the changes we have planned for Spreaker Studio.
We already have new features in the pipeline for the post-recording phase so keep your eyes peeled for those announcements and make sure you’ve downloaded/updated the latest version of the app to enjoy these new features.

As ever Spreaker Studio is 100% free and it always will be.

If you enjoy using it we ask you the small favor of spreading the word amongst your podcaster friends and sharing any feedback you have with us.

Happy podcasting!

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