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Podcasting Tips

How to Find Guests For Your Podcast Interview


Whether it’s a feature or a one-off, interviewing a guest is a great way to shakes things up on your podcast. You’re bouncing off one another as well as offering a frame of reference for the topic you’re discussing.

But going about finding the right guest to interview can be tricky. Out of the thousands of exchanges you have online and IRL, this is a conversation that you have to set up yourself, in a way that can sometimes feel contrived. We break it down into 4 steps that take you straight to the point.

WHY? Count the benefits.

The back and forth of conversation is dynamic and makes great listening. In an interview setup, you are demonstrating how you are learning alongside your audience, and that strengthens your bond.

Plus, it offers a bit of variety and takes the pressure off you to create all the content!

There is just something irresistible about listening into a conversation – as proven by more and more audiences tuning in to listen in. Writing for the British publication Cultured Vultures, Callum Davies explains the popularity of podcast interviews in America as around the world is because “as long as interviewee and interviewer are equally interested in what they’re discussing, the appeal will manifest”.

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Podcasting Tips

6 unmissable tips for Interviewing Guests on your Radio Show


In this interesting post, author Larry Amon makes a useful list of things you need to prepare in advance when planning an Interview on your Radio Show.

Especially if you’re going live instead of podcasting.

The key message is be prepared. And this can be done easily if you follow the following simple steps

  1. Research the person or topic. You never know where the interview is going when you’re live so you’d better be comfortable with the matter. Or you might give your audience the idea of a complete beginner.
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