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New Alexa Updates! Fast Forward and Rewind Podcasts and Get Show Recommendations


After launching on Amazon’s Alexa last October, we have been working hard to expand the abilities available to listeners, making for an even more intuitive, enjoyable and involving user experience – all you need to do is sit back and enjoy some of the best podcasts around.

In case you aren’t already aware of what Amazon’s Alexa is, they are the new wireless, voice-activated ‘smart speakers’ by Amazon, which feature a personal assistant voice service named ‘Alexa’. These devices include Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot.

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Podcasting Tips

3 Things That Will Make You Adore the New Spreaker Studio



Spreaker’s web-based console is part of our history.
It began back in 2009, debuted with Spreaker’s launch, and has since been used by thousands of users recording podcasts and broadcasting live every day.

Now it’s time to take another step forward.
Several suggestions made by Spreaker’s users over time have helped us in improving the service and developing Spreaker Studio, a brand new desktop app for Windows and Mac. It integrates new features and facilitates your everyday podcasting, offering a great user experience.

We’re sure that you’ll love using it. In fact, here are three good reasons to switch to Spreaker Studio right now:

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