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Apple Podcasts Category Changes Explained

Apple announced at the WWDC 2019 in early June that they would be updating how they categorize podcasts, with the aim of making shows more discoverable. To date, it hasn’t been confirmed precisely when these new categories will appear on Apple Podcasts, however, we wanted to summarize exactly what we do know and look at what you need to do now in order to be compliant with the new categories.

So, what sort of changes do Apple Podcasts have lined up? Well, lots! So far we know that True Crime will be added as a totally new category, Games & Hobbies will be rebranded as Leisure, History will become a stand-alone category and tons of subcategories will be added – for example, each sport will be getting its own channel. This gives you the opportunity to get nice and specific with how you classify your show.

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Distributing your podcast is easier than ever before

Our goal is to create the best all-in-one podcast creation app, one which is portable, flexible and works for every level of podcasters.
This year we’ve made two further steps towards achieving this goal: in February we announced our first post-production feature, allowing iOS users to edit while on-the-go, and in January we added a new navigation bar, giving users clear access to their episodes drafts, previous episodes, and stats.
Continuing this mission of creating an app tailored to podcasters’ needs, we’re super excited to announce the launch of a new update.

Be ready to enjoy our one-tap podcast distribution feature, a function we know will help to remove some of the complications and fuss out of creating a podcast!

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What’s the status of HTTPS feeds on Apple Podcasts?

As probably every podcaster already knows, at the end of May, Apple communicated that they will soon require secure podcast feeds as part of publishing podcasts with them.

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