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General Podcasting Tips

The Benefits Of Transcribing Your Podcast


If you’re wondering why you should transcribe your podcast, start by considering that the easiest way to find something on the internet (any kind of media – audio, video, images) is through text. By providing a text version, or a transcript, of your podcast’s episodes you can improve its accessibility, shareability, and be able to repurpose that valuable content later on.  It also improves your listeners’ experience, giving them an alternative way to consume your content when tuning in isn’t possible.

“Text is the secret. Converting podcast recordings into a transcript makes it possible for podcast producers to give listeners a better experience.” (Observer.com)

Moreover, as mentioned before, since web searches are text based, a transcript will open up new opportunities; you’ll be able to easily redact your content into blog posts, articles, presentations, and even books. Even your listeners will be able to quickly quote and share what they find valuable from your episode. Let’s take a deeper look at how transcriptions can benefit your podcast:

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Spreaker’s Staff Pick of The Week: Ms. Ileane Speaks!


basicblogThis week Tonia’s pick!

Ileane has been a steady blogger at Basic Blog Tips since July of 2009, and recently she has taken on a new show via Spreaker to go along with it. On Ms. Ileane Speaks, she presents easy to follow how-tos on various tools and methods to help you promote your blog.

Learn how to use Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, YouTube, and CommentLuv efficiently and make the most out of your social media experience. Building strong connections in the blogosphere is important, and through social media, guest posting, and community involvement you can gain steady and faithful followers.

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Podcasting Tips

4 groups who should broadcast live with Spreaker


Hi guys, here we are again to share some useful tips for 4 different groups, for which broadcasting live can make the difference.


Bloggers are, without any doubt, the first group to adopt new technologies, to test them and to use them for connecting with others. The art of blogging is a person-to-person thing so why don’t you take the chance of doing it live using your own voice? It could be interesting, and help you build a more close relationship with your readers.

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