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Monday News!


Spreaker headquarters is buzzing with new ideas, and we want to give you a sneak peek of what we’ve been plotting and planning!

Here are some glimpses on what we’ve had going on this week:

Something’s a brewin’ in Berlin! Yes, that’s right, we’re pulling things together for a podcasters meetup, right in Spreaker’s hometown. Keep your eyes peeled this week for information on when and where to go.

In tech and development, we’ve got improvements heading your way, back to back:

Miss the sneak peeks of our mobile stats? Pro users will soon be able to see new, beautiful animation on both the Android and iOS apps showcasing their likes, follows, and listener sources.

SONOS is a wireless home speaker system that allows you to play your favorite audio in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom – the choice is yours, and soon you’ll be able to integrate it with Spreaker. Stay tuned!

We’re working on improving Tube, our Pro feature that connects Spreaker with any external mixer of your choice. We’ll be smoothing things out for easier and more stable integration.

Want to contribute your ideas? Comment below with what you’d like to see soon on Spreaker!

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Meet the Team Volume 1 #Marco



Hi! Thank you for doing this interview with us, and taking time out of your busy schedule.

How are you?

I’m excited! I’m about to give the first interview for “Meet the Team!”

First, can you introduce yourself and let us know what you do at Spreaker?

I’m the co-founder and CTO: I spend my days (and sometimes nights) developing, debugging, and monitoring Spreaker’s infrastructure. In my spare time I like to relax on the couch with a mug of tea, and am also a bit of a photographer. In the past I was also a juggler ;).

How did you start your job at Spreaker?

“It was a cold winter night…” On the night of my birthday, three years ago, I received a phone call from @thebask who said: “we have an idea and need you to help us out.” A few months later I left my job and started developing a Spreaker prototype. I’d actually like to give a special thanks to my wife and @roccozanni who, in their own ways, have helped and come along this adventure with me since the first day.

Which Spreaker feature do you like the most?

I love the DJ console. Even though it was developed over two years ago, I still consider it a gem of an application. We’re also working on revolutionizing broadcasting once again for 2012: stay tuned!

Can you give us a few reasons why it’s great working at Spreaker?

I love working at Spreaker because it’s like a big family, united by a love for technology and the desire to create a unique service. It’s fun, too. Each day at lunch we challenge each other at darts, the boss won’t fire me if I listen to music during working hours, and our office is just a few steps away from the beach!

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Coming Soon: Node.js Conference!


Heya developers!

WEBdeBS, or Web Developers of Brescia, is happy to present the Node.js Conference, an event focused on NodeJS, the new server-side Javascript environment that will potentially revolutionize the way web development is done. If you’re as excited about it as we are, come out to Brescia, Italy on September 24 for talks and workshops on NodeJS technology, the kind of change it will bring, and how it can be used in web development.

The event kicks off at 9 AM at the Centro Paolo VI, Brescia’s famed palace built in the 1500s. We’ll be there too, acting as media partners to our WEBdeBS buddies. Don’t miss it!

And as Nelmio say – “JavaScript, Motherfucker, Do You Speak It?”

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Poached Code


We know that the World is full of talent, but sometimes it is not that easy to find; and this is particularly the case in Italy, where the developer community is heavily fragmented. So if you’re in the need of a talented (or rockstar) developer, what recruiting tool should you use – since the old fashioned word of mouth is of little use here?

At Spreaker found the answer in Coderloop. Coderloop is an awsome (and very addictive) puzzle game for developers. The rules are simple: you have to solve specific problems – for which a clear requirement specification is given in plain English – writing real code. A large number of programming languages is supported so I’m sure you will find your favorite one there and will be able to start coding immediately.

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