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Hello Monday: Android App News, Startup Safary, and Berlin Music Week!


Monday-News-Badge-augustWe’re feeling that Monday energy, are you? Let’s get this week buzzing with all of our exciting plans!

Android App: Android users, we know you’ve been aching for a change in our app, and your prayers will be answered soon! Stay tuned for big news in the upcoming weeks!

Startup Safary: We’ll be running around Startup Safary next week, Berlin’s open-shop event for startups. Join us in mingling with the best of Europe’s startup community.

Berlin Music Week: And just a quick reminder: coinciding with Startup Safary is Berlin Music Week, where you’ll catch us checking out the latest in music and culture in tech.


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Music advice for the weekend #5


Monday 8 am: Sunny
Tuesday 8 am: Cloudy and cold
Wednesday 8 am: It’s almost spring. Sunny and hot!
Thursday 8 am: Rain
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Achoo….Achoo….Achoooo!!!
Here we are! Crazy March forces you to another weekend at home with your dear friends: Where are the tissues?!

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Spreaker will demo at the New Tech in San Francisco


Next Tuesday starting from 7.00 pm, Spreaker will demo in San Francisco at the New Tech, a monthly event frequented by journalists, hackers, techies and geeks.

The format for the Sf New Tech is very simple: at 7:30, 4-5 companies hit the stage for live 5 minutes demos showing the audience the brand new products in the field of innovation and new technology.

After each demo, the audience has the opportunity to comment, critique and ask for more information about the companies presented. The talk gets hot and stimulating.

Then each company takes the microphone for 60 seconds to “sell” themselves in the best way and get the attention for job opportunities, fundings, networking etc.

Over 160 companies have hit the stage since the event started in 2006, popular names such as: Pandora, Nokia, Twittfilter, Linkenow etc.

A great opportunity for Spreaker who is competing among the social american giants.

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Social Radio Revolution


During the meeting MUSIC & WEB in ITALY taking place on Saturday the 15 of May, Spreaker is going to speak about radio and  the sea changes caused by  web.

The convention focuses on three main themes:

  • digital music history
  • case studies of music innovative platforms
  • music-mobile
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Enzo Mazza / FIMI (fimi.it)
Marco Vichi / Nokia Italia (nokia.it)
Marco Viganò (Deejay.it)
Marina Pierri (vitaminic.it)
Giordano Sangiorgi (MEI / audiocoop.it)
Francesco Fiore (Neomobile.com)
Dario Amata (Knowmark.it)
Giuseppe Ravello (soundaymusic.com)
Umbi Damiani (Irma rec-irmagroup.com)
Mauro Ragnini (audioglobe.com)
Sem Ronzoni (splitgigs.com)
Davide d’Atri (beatpick.com)
Massimo Ciociola (MusiXMatch)
Gian Maria Girardi ( thounds-com)
Alex Dandi (4forgotten floor/Pinktronix/Laveria DM Digital Team)
Bartolomeo Sailer (40033 rec.)
Andrea Benedetti (Plasmek rec. /ex –Final Frontier distribution)
Andrea Sartori (50lab.com)
Andrea Sbaragli ( abuzzsupreme.it )

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Music Italy Show


Bologna is again the main Italian stage for music and instruments’ fair. From 15 till 17 May, more than 140 performances live in this national music fair.

During fair events, Saturday the 15 of May there will be a special convention to focus on the relationship between Music & Web in Italy.   About this topic, Spreaker will take its own history to show and discuss the revolution taken by social web radio.

You can win  free entrance by listening and playing with some nice speakers!!

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Radio Libriamoci Web and Spreaker support Emergency


During the Emergency demonstration in Rome, Saturday the 17 april 2010 from 3.15 pm  onwards,  Radio Libriamoci Web will be on air to comment on the events happened  in recent days.
People can express their point of view by writing an email to  rlweb@rlwebradio.com

Radio Libriamoci Web and Spreaker support Emergency.

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Innovate! 100. Spreaker at the top technology, media and communication startups selection


Monday the 19 of April, Spreaker social web radio will take part in Innovate!100 Global Competition, during its Milan stage.

Innovate!100 is a global competition for identifing the world’s 100 most promosing technology, media and telecommunications startups. The event is organized in Pitch Slams, which derive their name from poetery slams. In each of the Pitch Slams, Innovate!100 semi-finalists have five minutes each to pitch to an audience of local investors, entrepreneurs, executives and media.

After the pitch, each startup will receive invaluable feedback from a panel of expert judges.
They are selected Innovate!2010 sponsors, partners and serial entrepreneurs who use G/Scores to judge the pitches and provide live feedback.
The Innovate!100 will be offered a chance to participate in the Innovate! Connection Program to profit from pre-qualified introductions to potential partners, investors and customers.

Pitch Slam agenda

9:15 – (Invite-only) Welcome and registration for judges and semi-finalists

9:30 – (Invite-only) G/Score training session for judges and invited guests

9:45 – (Invite-only) Private briefing for Innovate!2010 semi-finalists

10:00 – Kick-off of Pitch Slam and G/Score overview

11:00 – Break

11:30 – More pitches by Innovate!2010 semi-finalists

11.30 – Pitch dei semi finalisti

12.30 – Networking

13:00 – Winner of Pitch Slam announced

The event is organized by Guidewire Group, which  is a global market intelligence and advisory firm passionate about technology entrepreneurship. Their exclusive focus on early-stage companies and emerging technology markets drives insight and opportunity to their clients and community.

So the appointment is for Monday the 19 of April at Via Chiaravalle 8 – Milan, care of Assolombarda, in the Falck room.
For more information, please visit guidewiregroup.com

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