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Olá! Spreaker Studio App Now Speaks Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷


Spreaker Studio Brazilian version

As a Spreaker user we imagine that you’re already familiar with the Studio and what languages it speaks – but let us give you a quick run-through anyway.

Spreaker Studio is a digital podcast platform, which allows users to record or live stream their podcasts and manage all aspects of their show from one handy platform. It’s the simple way for podcasters of any level to get broadcasting from their own home without the need for lots of equipment.
The Studio can be used on
iOS and Android and up until now, has been available in English, Spanish and Italian, but, as of today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of  Spreaker Studio in Brazilian Portuguese.

Spreaker Studio Brazilian version

Our vision is to make recording audio a possibility for anyone and everyone and we’re continually seeking to grow our online podcasting community. Up until now we have seen incredible support in Brazil (thank you to all of you who have already downloaded the app, we hope you enjoy using it in Portuguese just as much!) and so it was the next natural step for us to offer the Studio to those users in their native language.

All you need to do to start using the Spreaker Studio App in Brazilian Portuguese is to make sure you have the app installed, then when you open the app, to make sure the default language on your device is Brazilian Portuguese – that way the app will appear in that language, too!

But wait… there’s more! ✨

Making our Apps available in as many languages as possible is vital to us and as we continue to grow we’ll continue to add more languages.
Are there any languages you think we’re missing? Or ones that you’d like to see added?
If so, let us know – we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Leave a comment below or send an email to
And, if you have any friends who speak Brazilian Portuguese, please share this great news with them!


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Take a break! Pause your recordings on the iPhone and Android apps!



Picture it. You’re broadcasting from your app, as usual:

You’re breezily going through your usual political commentary, and suddenly you reach a tangled idea, a real tongue-twister.


You’re making the rounds at the local music festival, interviewing spectators as you go along, and want to keep all your interviews in one single broadcast.

What to do, what to do?

Spreaker’s new mobile app feature allows you to pause while recording offline. Take a break, and continue whenever you’re ready!

You can opt to pause from both the Android and iPhone apps. Digging the new feature? Tell us all about it!

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