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Social Media Week Milan: we’ll be there!

Registering is now open for the upcoming events at Social Media Week in Milan. Spreaker, along with Italian startups Securo and Triddles, have two events in store that you simply cannot miss!

“Caccia alla startup”: Play along on your smartphone using Foursquare throughout the streets of central Milan. It’s a chance to have fun and learn great geek tips to use in social media. And thanks to the support of Kodak Italia, the winners of the scavenger hunt will receive an ESP C310 printer. It’s the latest to come out of the Kodak house, and is multifunctional and features easy wifi configuration. It’s an great opportunity to let go, as well as bring home a great souvenir from the day spent together. The only must of course, is not to leave your smartphones at home!

“Social Networks: opportunità o schiavitù?” Brought to you by the Urban Center, the short play showcases the typical moments, opportunities, and paranoia brought on by social networks, told by the social networks themselves. Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare are interpreted by 3 exceptional speakers: Cecilia Pedroni, Roberto Cobianchi, and Linda Serra, and each will describe the freedoms and hinderances that hide within their daily use. Riccardo Goretti, theatrical performer, is Man 1.0, totally engulfed by all the new social interactions. What will come out of all this in the end? What are the pros and cons of social networks? Come and find out at the Urban Center September 22.

Remember to sign up here & here to the free events and tell your friends.

We’ll be waiting for you in Milan, don’t miss it!

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