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New Waveform for the Best Performance of Your Track


Our new player is catching a wave, just in time for summer.

It’s a new look that will make keeping track of what you listen to and what you like all the more easy. The track turns yellow as it plays, and you can toggle to listen to the exact moment you wish without guessing.

And don’t forget to click on the heart to mark your favorite sounds and broadcasts. Likes and listens are now clearly displayed under the episode’s title.

So what do you think guys? “Like” it? Let us know!

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Podcasting Tips

Music advice for the weekend #5


Monday 8 am: Sunny
Tuesday 8 am: Cloudy and cold
Wednesday 8 am: It’s almost spring. Sunny and hot!
Thursday 8 am: Rain
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Achoo….Achoo….Achoooo!!!
Here we are! Crazy March forces you to another weekend at home with your dear friends: Where are the tissues?!

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