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Spreaker Podcast Radio Gets a New Sleep Timer and Playback Speed Settings


Great podcasts are easy to love, so why not make them easy to listen to? We know you’re fitting in your listening-time anywhere you can—like on the way to the movies or as you’re getting ready to go bed—so we’ve added a few extras to Spreaker Podcast Radio for both iOS and Android to facilitate things: introducing new playback settings!

Sometimes inconveniences like time restraints get in the way, but a great podcast listening experience means that time works around you, and not the other way around. Now, a new sleep timer and playback speed settings will help you manipulate those limits.

google-play-android itunes-store-ios

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General Mobile App

How to Start Coding on Android If You’re an iGuy


If you care about users enjoying your service from their mobile devices, then you should ask yourself: is it enough or necessary to make an amazing responsive website to answer their needs? Probably not. So you go ahead and build a great iOS app version of the website. But is that enough?

Well, not exactly, since there are currently more Android than iOS devices out there in the world, so it’s much more sensible to release an Android app even before creating one for iOS. All this summarizes the main reasons why I decided that I needed to learn how to build an Android app. Plus it forced me work from a different perspective, allowing me to grow my knowledge as a developer so much that I decided to apply what I learned back to our iOS development.

And so, the journey begins

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We’re Keeping Live Episodes at the Top!


What we love most about our job is how connected we are with our users and their Spreaker experience, and how they help us improve our product – just like now! We’re excited to release a new feature that will keep any live, 24/7 streams you create always at the top of your custom Mobile App, an idea coming from one of our own users, FQ Radio, a non-stop live news report show. Thanks FQ Radio!

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Get your Customized App!


Still on the fence on whether or not to order your own Customized App? Consider this: once listeners feast their eyes on the sleek job we’ve done in building it for you, they’ll see that you’re invested in your podcast, and care about your brand.

Check out these user stories!

iOS: Prove Dirette shows off its broadcasting chops with a clean-looking iPhone app.




Sunne has got it going on. It’s the same Customized App, but built to Android’s style and setup.


Both apps allow listeners to download the app for free, and tune in as you broadcast LIVE, or pre-recorded, episodes. Plus, you can interact directly with your biggest fans during live broadcasts via a chatbox.

Remember, it’s easy: You give us the images and descriptions, and we’ll take care of the tech and submission.

So do it! Order yours now!

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Customize your own app!


Last week we launched our Customized App for Android, but we didn’t forget about you iOS fellows!

Starting from today, you can join in on having your own Customized App for iOS to enhance your show, at a great price! Choose your favorite images, change the app’s colors and icons, set a description, and spread the word to your friends and listeners.

It’s always fun to add a personal touch, so start customizing one now!

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We’ve Updated Our iOS App!


Spreaker has done it again, and given our app some fresh, new features. Here are just a few more ways we’re making things more enjoyable and easier for you:

Tap into everything the app features from the new menu, accessible from the left side of the page. Jump straight to broadcasting, the listen page, and more!

The homepage will now feature your newsfeed, this way you can keep up-to-date on all of the amazing audio your favorite users are making, plus check out what other community members are listening to.

Now you can discover new tracks and great artists no matter where you are by browsing through the listen page. It’s the best of Spreaker in the palm of your hand!

Like what you see? Tell us what you think!

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Improved iOS app: now you can chat with listeners and producers


Spreaker Old Dark version Music Podcasting Console
It’s a news-filled week here at Spreaker, and we’d love to share all of our updates and announcements with you.

Today, it’s our beautiful iOS app’s turn, presenting a chat-box for users and listeners. Broadcasting and listening on the go is already pretty amazing, but chatting is even better. You can share ideas and opinions about podcasts in real time, ask questions to the broadcaster, and take part in a show as a fellow co-host!

As for the web version, you can chat when everyone is connected together through a live show, though once it goes off the air, the chat disappears and the conversion is not saved.

So guys, update your app and give us your feedback!

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The Spreaker week in recap


For some of us Spring Break is coming to its heartbreaking end, yet for others it’s just the end of another week. Either way, doesn’t mean the weekend can’t start with a bang. Here’s our Friday sendoff, a review all of the great podcasts and news from the week.


On The Al Bartle Show you can listen in to Al’s musings on his new life in Japan, on its culture and government.

Owners of Echevarria Travel of Brentwood, NY Cheryl and Nelson specialize in travel for the blind and disabled, offering lots of tips and advice for those in need.

On theSuccessCoach Show, host Curtis takes a look at creating the capacity for change in your life with the help of knowledge and dedication.


We’ve just updated our iOS app! You can broadcast on the go, as well as modify and manage all your content too.

Our Q&As this week were with Michael Sorg of Sorgatron Media and the Wrestling Mayhem Show. Check out his passion for audio, good content, and monetizing.

The Chris Top Program will be reaching its 300th show this coming Monday! Tune in for his 12 hour marathon and charity fundraiser.

Have a nice weekend!

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Mobile App News

iOS App updates: now you can edit your own content from anywhere


Yes! A better app for your podcasting pleasure! We are pleased to announce that today a new release of our iOS app will be available on the Apple Store, giving you the chance to manage your profile and content on the go.

Along with broadcasting live from anywhere,  you’ll have full control over all your content and will be able to modify or change any aspect of your account. Commands are fast, easy, and convenient, and with just a tap you can edit your own profile on the go, deleting or improving upon descriptions directly from you the mobile device.

Podcasts are completed without having to make adjustments or add personal touches on the actual website first.

It’s better, faster, and makes podcasting even easier. Download it today and let us know how much you love it!

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iPhone updates: seek bar and brand new now-playing page!


Other brand new updates have been added to our iOS app, which now has even more of the same features of the web platform.

The seek bar feature has been added for single episodes allowing skipping, rewinding, fast forwarding, and pausing of the audio. Like on the site, you can listen to your favorite podcast whenever you want, without being afraid of any urgent hitch.

A new now-playing page has been completely redesigned with a better look and feel, and a more user-friendly layout.

More improvements are coming soon, so keep listening!

Spreaker App iPhone Radio Podcast App Free Play Music Seekbar

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