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Discovering the Community: The Irish-Psychic Show

We spoke to Spreaker’s resident Irish psychic, Gearóid, as he gushes about his love for broadcasting and connecting with people. Read on to find out how he approaches his readings and how he reaches his audience.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

My name is Gearóid and I am a Professional Irish Psychic Medium.

Nice to meet you! How did you start podcasting? Had you already been doing it before coming to Spreaker?

I had never done any podcasting before, but it is something I have always wanted to do. I had done my research on podcasting websites and came across yours, and right at that moment I signed up just for the Free Option. I knew I was in good hands as your customer service is second to none, and I really love what you do in terms of looking after the client if they have any problems.

Thanks! How did you find Spreaker?

Via Google.

How did you get into psychic readings? When did you discover your abilities?

I have always been interested in psychic readings mainly due to the fact that I was dreaming things, and my dreams were becoming reality. Being brought up Catholic, it is not something we do, but when I saw what my gift does for not only myself but for other people in helping them, I knew I had to follow my Gift. I would recommend anyone with any Gift to follow theirs.

How do you approach each reading?

I clear my mind and focus on the person I am reading. Even if they don’t ask a question, I am always guided by something that may be going on in their life or usually through my cards. Also the Spirit communicates with me, which is just like a soft whisper in my ear, or a thought, or I may see something for a split second – like if having a daydream.

Any favorite stories from your experience you’d like to share?

After having given a private reading for a lady online, she contacted me after and said that what I had said did not mean anything to her. I gave her a refund immediately as I want everyone to be happy with their reading. Yet, after refunding her the money, I just had this vision of her daughter sleeping with a white rabbit teddy bear – I had to pass this on to her. She was amazed as it was her aunt who had passed away, and had once given her daughter this rabbit to sleep with and she cuddled it each night. It was just lovely for the Spirit to pass on something so significant to me in order to let the person I read for online know that my gift is real, and that previously was just not the right time for her to receive a reading and hence it had not meant anything to her.

Do you use Spreaker’s interactive features to chat with your fans?

I use Skype all the time using an external Mini Usb Mixer with my iPhone with Skype broadcasting through my iPhone.

I also use the chatroom in Spreaker which is just fantastic as it gets immediate feedback in relation to what I do while on air. I also answer questions from people sent in through the Chat Function.

Fantastic! What do you do to reach listeners? Do you rely on social media, or do you use other channels of communication?

I use Facebook and Twitter.

Has this podcast helped you professionally?

Absolutely no question at all! It’s reached so many new people, and with the added integration of iTunes, Spreaker is the way to go. Also, have I mentioned your Spreaker App on my phone? I am not always available to do a show, so I take out my phone to record the update and it’s live within a matter of seconds. It updates everyone and lets them know my show will not be on that night – seriously Spreaker is just fantastic.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Since upgrading to a premium plan via Spreaker, I would recommend it to anyone. It is cost effective. Never did I imagine to have a professional radio show that is streamed live all around the world, and it really has given me something to look forward to each week. Also, I always love having special guests on, so if you would be interested in joining me on one of my shows to promote yourself in what you do, even if you are another reader, please get in contact with me – all you need is Skype and leave the rest to me. Whether you are an Angel Card Reader or Tarot Card Reader simply get in contact with me please.

Thanks so much! Keep up the great work!


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