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Interview: Josh Nielsen, Speaker at the Asia Pacific Podcast Conference

Josh Nielsen is the founder of Zencastr – a podcasting production tool for quality conscious podcasters.  As an entrepreneur, audiophile, and podcast lover, he is currently directing his efforts into maximizing the sound quality of podcasts everywhere.

Josh has an interest in all things business, development, and marketing.  He has worked to help many companies build from the ground up, including time at the Techstars startup accelerator in Boulder, Colorado. While a native of the US, he has been living with his family and building his business in Christchurch, NZ for much of the past year.

Josh Nielsen will be one of the panelists at the Asia Pacific Podcast Conference on February 12th – 13th, and we’re sure he’ll share his vast experience on podcasting production and sound recording with us. Here’s the interview:

What do you think is the most common trouble new podcasters run into? And what do they have to do to prevent or fix it?

I think the hardest part for new podcasters is knowing where to start. There are so many skills involved in taking a single episode to completion. You need to be an audio engineer, web developer, charismatic personality, social media promoter, etc. It is easy to get overwhelmed and give up.
My recommendation is to not worry about it all at once. Take it one step at a time. Start by booking and recording your first interview. Then figure out what you need to do next. Once you get a couple of shows recorded it will motivate you to find out how to get them published and reach the ears of your listeners.
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