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Podcasting Tips

Brief Encounter: The Ideal Podcast Length


Short, concise, intriguing: the ideal formula?

With so many podcasts out there for people to choose from, it’s great to keep your audience tuned in and engaged. That means cutting straight to the chase. And it seems that duration really is key: the shorter, the better. Generally, listeners just don’t seem to get through hour-long episodes. In fact, it turns out listeners actually prefer podcasts to be A LOT shorter- and the stats prove this.

But as well as nailing the length, there’s also timing to think about: what’s the ideal day to publish your podcast for peak listening? In time for Saturday? Or towards the start of the week? You would be surprised! It’s all about perfect timing – in the duration of your podcast, as well as the time and frequency of publishing.

Find out what our stats and experiences reveal in this episode of the Spreaker Live Show.

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How To Keep Your Podcast Topic Sounding Fresh


Exploring the different sides of your topic

How can you make sure that you never podfade or run out of things to talk about on your podcast? Most of the work you put into your podcast revolves around presenting your main topic in an entertaining and informative way – and it’s the core reason why your listeners tune in. It has to be multifaceted and provide numerous fresh angles.

While excellent storytelling skills can make anything sound interesting enough, bringing content that’s of value to your audience is what will keep them coming back. It’s all about drawing from the resources available to you, and finding those unique takes. You can refer to your listeners’ feedback and contributions, scrape show topic ideas from other media sources in your genre, subscribe to newsletters, set up google alerts, and run thorough keyword searches.

Learn about all the different ways you can make the most out of your podcast’s topic in this episode of the Spreaker Live Show.

Listen to “SLS99: How To Avoid Running Out of Show Topics” on Spreaker.

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How to Be a Great Podcast Host – Spreaker Live Show #79



In episode #79 of the Spreaker Live Show, streamed on Wednesday, September 7th, we discussed three important podcasting topics with Spreaker Head of Content, Rob Greenlee:

  • How To Be A Great Podcast Host
  • The Benefits Of Transcribing Your Podcast’s Audio
  • The Newly Released IAB Podcast Ad Metric Guidelines

Read more to see show notes and links discussed in this 52 minute episode.

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Spreaker Live Show Podcast

Live Stage Show Podcasting with Julian Clark, Host, After Dark – Spreaker Live Show #50


Spreaker Live Show host and Head of Content Rob Greenlee talks with Hollywood-based “After Dark with Julian Clark” show at The Second City Studio Theater in LA and on the Adore.fm Podcast Network.

Julian Clark joins us to discuss his clip-centric late night experience complete with digital shorts, up-and-coming comedians and celebrity guests from television and film. This is the next-generation take on the late night talk show format, built by LA’s underground comedy scene and catering to an internet audience. If you enjoy what you hear, you’ll also enjoy what you see.

See video version of the show at: https://youtube.com/AfterDarkComedy

This is in episode 50 from March 16th, 2016.

Click read more to see the specific topics discussed in this 31 minute interview.

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Podcasting Tips

Q&A with Adam Baker of Man Vs. Debt


Adam Baker is the man behind Man Vs. Debt, a podcast and site dedicated to helping you pay off your debt and “explore personal finance, consumerism, clutter, travel, minimalism, and passionate entrepreneurship while building a community of like-minded people.” Check out what Adam has to say about building a community around your show, and loosening up in front of the mic.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

I’m Adam Baker – but you can just call me Baker. I’m the husband of Courtney, the dad of Milligan “Milli” and Charlotte “Charlie,” and the founder of Man Vs. Debt, which I started in 2009. I’m also involved in several other ventures, including a film company called Crank Tank Studios, which is getting ready to premiere its first feature-length documentary, “I’m Fine, Thanks,” next month!

Congratulations! How did you get into podcasting?

A BUNCH of my friends and mentors had been telling me to get into it, and I finally made the leap around Christmas of last year, when I realized that it was a great way to get our message of “Sell your crap, pay off your debt, do what you love” out to a new audience in a medium that I’m really comfortable with – speaking.

Was it easy for you to share personal information (your own financial situation) over the airwaves in the beginning?

You know, it wasn’t hard at all to do it on the air – because we’d already been doing it on Man Vs. Debt for almost 3 years. In general, was it hard to share our financial situation at first? Well, maybe a little, but the risk was GREATLY outweighed by the accountability and momentum we gained by doing it!

What did you do to help your podcast grow in popularity?

We worked with Cliff Ravenscraft (The Podcast Answer Man) to make sure we were set up for success from the start – everything from getting our feed correct for iTunes to choosing the best plugins to help display the podcast on Man Vs. Debt. I think asking our existing community to spread the word – and to review us on iTunes – was a huge help; we ended up as the top new podcast in our category, and that just fueled even more growth!

Great advice! Speaking of which, what are your favorite podcasting tips?

Just do it. I learned the hard way that when I made my podcast “formula” too complicated, it was a huge barrier to me actually getting behind the microphone and recording. A few episodes in, we loosened up on our format a good bit, and I started to just relax and record, which allowed us to just get the show out the door. Also, I’d say just be yourself and play to your strengths. I like podcasting because I like speaking about topics I’m passionate about. I COULD podcast on a lot of subjects – but when I stick to what’s on my mind and what I’m reading and thinking about, that’s when I’m best.

How was Blog World? See anything particularly interesting?

BlogWorld was a blast. I think it’s a conference and event that is constantly improving year to year.

As with any conference, the real treat is all the wonderful people who attend. I met new friends, got to revisit old ones, and had an amazing time.

Thanks so much for talking to us Adam, and keep up the great work!

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Broadcast no matter where you are with the new iOS app!


Free broadcasting App Spreaker For Radio, Music and Podcasting
Spreaker is stoked to announce its new iOS app, allowing you guys to broadcast your podcasts no matter where you are!

It brings you everything the site has to offer, right at your fingertips. With just a touch, go live and do some real-time journalism. Take a look at what you can do with the new app:

-Share quick audio updates on social networks

– Citizen Journalism

-Broadcast from live events

– Live sports commentary

– Audio guides

Plus listen in on the thousands of podcasts fellow users are broadcasting every day. Thanks to its new GPS feature, anyone can listen in on local podcasts and hear what your own community is up to. Follow your preferred podcasters straight from your mobile device, too.

So download the latest version from the App Store and get to it!

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Podcasting Tips

Music advice for the weekend #5


Monday 8 am: Sunny
Tuesday 8 am: Cloudy and cold
Wednesday 8 am: It’s almost spring. Sunny and hot!
Thursday 8 am: Rain
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Achoo….Achoo….Achoooo!!!
Here we are! Crazy March forces you to another weekend at home with your dear friends: Where are the tissues?!

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Music advice for the weekend #4


This past week, the main actors of our sky have been snow, rain, wind and clouds.
The meteorologists have assured us that good weather will be back in time for the weekend. We hope they are right!
But, what if it doesn’t happen? Well, if we have to stay home the whole weekend, at least let’s have some good music to keep us up!

So here come our suggestions for this weekend:

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Podcasting Tips

6 unmissable tips for Interviewing Guests on your Radio Show


In this interesting post, author Larry Amon makes a useful list of things you need to prepare in advance when planning an Interview on your Radio Show.

Especially if you’re going live instead of podcasting.

The key message is be prepared. And this can be done easily if you follow the following simple steps

  1. Research the person or topic. You never know where the interview is going when you’re live so you’d better be comfortable with the matter. Or you might give your audience the idea of a complete beginner.
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Podcasting Tips

Why you should DJ Live on Social Media according to David Guetta


One interesting (and, yeah, cool) thing about our presence at MIDEM this Year was that we were able to hear some interesting stories from David Guetta who is pretty hot at the moment, with his collection of Grammy awards. Among the other things, a couple of inspiring facts that he said:

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