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Podcasting Tips

How to Monetize a Faith Based Podcast

While attending a podcast conference this summer, I managed to have a sidebar with a prominent executive at a broadcasting company. I was relatively new to podcasting, having only been at it for a few months and I wanted his take on how many downloads were needed to consider things like sponsorship.

He told me that the average podcast, after three months, only has about 1,000 – 1,200 downloads, total. My eyes widened. At the time of our conversation, my podcast was nearing 14,000 downloads. That’s when HIS eyes widened. He asked me what type of show I had; and the minute I uttered the words “faith-based”, his entire posture shifted.

He went on to explain that faith-based podcasts could be difficult to monetize because sponsors are leery about having religious affiliations. Throwing their endorsement behind one faith group or another could be a potential liability or worse, a PR nightmare. After our conversation, I started thinking…”short of passing around a digital collection plate, how CAN faith based podcasters turn a profit?”

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Podcasting Tips

Podcasting for Bloggers: How to Get Into the Game

Podcasting is a valuable asset to bloggers. It offers the opportunity to grow your audience and expand your influence. However, podcasting is more than just the latest trend.

In 2013, Apple’s podcast subscriptions through iTunes reached 1 billion. RawVoice, a podcast analytics company, noted that the number of unique monthly podcast listeners tripled to 75 million from 25 million in five years.

NPR veteran Alex Blumberg, the former host of “This American Life” and “Planet Money” raised $1.6 million for his podcast venture “Gimlet Media.”

From print ads to Facebook, entrepreneurs desire a way to reach more people. Podcasting is another option to accomplish that goal.

Podcast listeners are fanatics. They love new content that will distract them from a long work commute or an airport layover.

Listen live or catch the recording. Podcasting has created a culture of on-demand information that gives the listener the option to choose.

Moreover, as a podcaster, you possess the control. You’re not limited to a particular topic or time limit. You can decide what works best for you and your audience.

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